Fashion Merchandising 101

A career in fashion merchandising provides the flexibility of a wide variety of specialties. Here you will get a solid idea of the several career paths of a fashion merchandiser, the role he or she plays and how crucial that role is in the fashion industry.

First thing’s first; a fashion merchandiser obviously has a good sense of style. She could easily see the next, hottest trends and her favorite activities probably involve arranging outfits, shopping for them and spending hours investigating blogs and magazines of fellow fashion lovers. In most cases, a fashion professional knows what people want and she makes certain to provide it to them in the best way possible.

When working in fashion, you will probably find yourself working in a department store, boutique or fashion house, and the like. Fashion merchandisers are one step ahead and they make sure that the store, boutique or fashion house is too. Not only does a fashion merchandiser have great fashion sense but they must be skilled in the areas of marketing and strategizing to increase product sales.

Must-have Skills in Fashion Merchandising

Presenting the product efficiently to the consumer is an important part of the field and requires the merchandiser to know the precise taste of the target group. Performing tasks like these require someone in fashion merchandising to have excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. While working in fashion, you must be able to communicate not merely with suppliers and manufacturers to carry out efficient transactions but also with consumers through visual displays and fashionable store selections. It’s essential to know what the latest trends are in order to find out what products will be sold, the amount they should be purchased and sold for and how much profit the business will bring in. A fashion merchandiser with a large fashion house or large clothing manufacturer will typically specialize in one are such as women’s clothing, shoes, men’s clothing, etc. At times, this career will require a fashion merchandiser to travel to meet with supplier and manufacturers to execute transactions, have meetings and attend shows. This field revolves around long work hours, quick decision making, industry pressure and competition. Solely those with thick skin, strong organizational skills, excellent communication and determination will be successful in this field.

Fashion Merchandising is One of The Top Fashion Jobs

Numerous fashion graduates anticipate to get their dream job as soon as possible; understand that this will probably not be the case. You can definitely find yourself working in retail for some time or still looking for jobs months after graduating. One thing to consider is the probability of internships. This is especially true if you are considering working for big companies and places where they don’t hire externally. For example, if your dream is to work for Vogue, working hard to get one of their internships is a major step to get your foot in the door. Interning for fashion designers and public relation firms are also ways to get experience. Consider, however, that a majority of these internships are not paid. Is this something that you can afford to do? Be wise.

Anything you have chosen to do in this field there are several paths you can take. If one doesn’t work out you can always start to look at your other available choices. Remember, as stated before, it is a competitive field and only those that are determined and hard working get to the top positions.

Create a list of the types of things you would like to do in fashion merchandising and start the job hunt!

Imagine Elton John or Maurice Gibb without their hats on. This can be difficult, as they were hardly ever without that simple but effective trademark accessory. Hats & caps can take a smart, sophisticated outfit or a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and are a great way to express your unique style. You can decide on the look you're going for and make a conscious choice between chic, sophisticated, playful or casual hats.

As winter approaches, the trend for these accessories changes and the colors and textures of caps and hats get richer; more elaborate. The thing about hats is that they can be practical but trendy at the same time; from fedoras to berets to beanies to straw hats, bucket hats to a sunhat or stetson; they have the ability to invoke an aura of mystery, adventure, fun or romance.

This Season's Top Popular Brands

Newsboy - the body of the popular Newsboy cap is round and paneled with a button on top. They were worn by the 'upper' classes for leisure activities during the 19th- and early 20th century, and today their style is still synonymous with country sportsmen, sports car drivers and golfers. Known also as Bakery boy hats & caps, they have seen a resurgence in the 21st century for both men and women.

Kangol - founded in 1938 by Jacques Spreiregen and owned by Sports World since 2006, Kangol berets have always been a part of fashion history with their adoption by members of hip-hop community as well as by the likes of Eminem who won a Kango hat on his 'Beautiful' video. Kangol hats have a reputation for being world-class head wears. Worn by British Military in WWII such as General Bernard Montgomery, today, these stylish hats are described as a cultural fusion.

Betmar - the name Betmar comes from the name of the first designer, Betty Marks, and today Betmar is a leading head wear fashion brand for women. Even though Betmar brings out floppy hats, fedoras and visor hats, their cloche hat with that famous bell shaped style is the more popular. It was invented by milliner Caroline Reboux in 1908 and the hat became so popular that it even shaped hairstyles such as the Eton Crop. Elle Magazine has called the cloche as the 'haute' accessory of the moment and celebrity Angeline Jolie was a cloche in the movie 'Changeling'.

Timberland - Timberland is a recognized producer of accessories such as hats & caps which promote an active and adventurous lifestyle, and to this end their quality head-wear has been designed to complement their outdoor shoe range and apparel. Their hats are designed for men, women and children and their trendy beanie for women for instance is made from 100% lightweight, itch-free acrylic; and the earthy pink shade is perfect for the outdoors.

Christy's - Christys' & Co have been manufacturing hats since 1773 and they are the only hat company in the world who still makes high quality top hats in the traditional way. Today however, they work with famous designers and come up with amazing hats for catwalk collections. They offer hats for men and women today which range from traditional to fashion styles with a contemporary edge and people wear them wherever there is demand for class, style and luxury.

A Stylish Appearance is Easy to Achieve

Hats & caps are simple but stylish accessories which can be worn to complete a smart or casual look that is perfect for day or night.