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Coupe courte pour femme : 2013 Pixie Cuts

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Back in the 1980s, an Englishman named Roger Curry chose to design a knitting machine that would be easy to use and could produce machine-knit garments that would look like they had been knitted. What he created was the Bond knitting machine, which was a very basic, manually operated machine.

It was called "Bond" after a famous shopping street in central London, which at that time described Roger Curry as "the epitome of British fashion sense." And Bond Street is as well known now for its promoted fashion stores as it was in the mid-1980s.

The first Bond stickers sold in the UK were Bond Original and later Bond Classic. These machines could handle all popular yarns, including wool, cotton, mohair and even hand-spun wool but it didn't handle well, yarn finer than thick knit. These knitting machines were easy to hand-knit patterns for t-shirts, for example, could be adapted for use on them.

In 1988, the introduction of the Bond Elite knitting machine, which in addition to the thick yarns, could also handle 4-thread and double-knitting yarns. Bond Elite came complete with a row counter, tool to help create fine stitches, a needle pusher, an illustrated instruction book and an instructional video that showed how to set up the machine and how to stick with it. One of the innovative aspects of this particular model was its four-sided keyboard that enabled different stitch sizes, and by turning them, they could also be used for image stitching (known as intarsi).

One of the disadvantages of the Bond knitting machine was that it was not possible to knit ribbing. If you stocked a sweater with ribbing and cuffs, the garment must be removed from the machine to knit the rib by hand. But in 1989, a ridge fortification had become available. Today, Bond knitting machines are still popular, light and virtually maintenance free, and can still be purchased second hand in the UK.