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? ​​Long skirt: How to choose the ideal long skirt and how to wear it. Tips and ideas of looks to wear this timeless of the wardrobe, on Here If you're tall, you can afford to wear your long skirt with Converse in a casual chic look like this.

Have you tried Levi's Curvy Jeans?

Levi Jeans can be one of the oldest, popular and most recognized brands in the industry. One of the reasons Levi is an industry leader is that you can literally find dozens of different styles and finishes in women's jeans. If you are a woman with a curvy body, you may already have doubts about whether Levis Jeans fits.

You may have heard of Levi's line of Curvy Jeans. You can also be skeptical about whether these jeans really give good fit to your hips and curves. There are two styles you want to look for: 529 Women's Curvy Boot Cut Jean (available in sizes 4-16) and 528 Junior Curvy Skinny Jean (sizes 1-13). These jeans are the answer to the need for fashion timing which is designed to suit women with the classic hourglass shape - larger hips, thighs and smaller waistband. These jeans offer a contoured fit that completely eliminates the usual problem of pulling the waist. While the gap in the waist problem can be remedied by a belt or tailor-made tailor-made, Holy Grail jeans are the ones that offer flattering fit straight from the shelf.

What does Customer Reviews about Levi's Curvy Jeans say?

Extensive research on customer reviews from Amazon, Zappos, Sears and other retailers reveals that the majority of women are proud of the fit of these curved jeans. You'll find lots of glowing recommendations for 528 and 529 jean. Lots of comments that say, "These are the best jeans I've ever owned" to "these jeans fit my body like a proverbial glove." There are a number of advantages and disadvantages seen over reviews, so let's review before you bite the hill and buy these curvy jeans:


- Stretch enables comfortable fit and allows jeans to hold their shape
- Versatile - looks good or dressed
- No backside shows when you sit down or bend over
- Bootcut style balances the width of large hips


- The length of the jeans can shrink in the laundry - even when it is washed in a cold state
- First signs of wear may occur after a few months of consistent wear - right front under the belt loops
- Premium indigo color is not the same color as it appears online - a little easier
- Whiskey on premium indigo is more prominent than what is shown on pictures online
- Can be difficult to find in local or department stores

These two styles are stretch jeans made with 1% spandex for a narrow body grazing fit. They are available in 3 inseam lengths - short (30 "), average (34") or long (34 "). (If you are looking for jeans with more stretch or a larger amount of inseam lengths, especially for extra-long women, you can Find a better choice with PZI Jeans).

Overall, these curvy jeans consistently get 4 to 5 star ratings from satisfied customers. In fact, 85% of the reviews on give these jeans a 5 out of 5 stars! The fact that these jeans can be hard to find in department stores can be daunting for many women, but be sure these jeans are available for purchase online. Be sure to shop for the best deals and highest savings. Lots of websites offer free shipping - and you can also find an extra coupon code to save even more money on Levi's Curvy Jeans!

Picking out clothes for your kids is not easy. You have to find something that they would have comfortable wearing. clothing that is easy for them to get in and out of; clothing that they will love to wear. For many parents, it is also important that the clothes they buy make their children look good. Thus, many parents are investing in the latest fashion trends in children's clothing.

Kids Fashion Trends for 2013 and 2014

Since most of the year, there are almost complete trends, trends towards the coming year, 2014. But then the winter is about to become full blast, so there are also many new and trendy things for the cold months. Here are some of the latest in children's clothing for the rest of 2013 and for the coming year.

Autumn / Winter trends

Autumn / winter's trend in children's clothing uses many silhouettes and adopts a number of style variations. Mixing and matching is a big thing. Here are specific things you may want for your child:

  • Knitwear like cardigan, sweaters and jumpers.
  • Fake fur - for both boys and girls. Look for fur coats, bags, hats, collar and earmuffs.
  • Go on clothes with neutral shades and natural colors. You will never go wrong with black and white, although some parents may think these colors are too cruel. If so, go to more neutral ones like brown or gray. Add some brightness by pairing these colors with pinks, blues, purples and a little orange.
  • Denims will never go in style. No matter what season or time of year you always get some jeans for your children. Skinny jeans are still good, but you might want to try ornate jeans for a slightly different look. These are jeans accented with crystals or cords. Denim jumpsuits should just be perfect for your little boy!
  • Hats for children have always been creative and modern. You will not go wrong when choosing bold type. The same applies to fur and knitted hats. In fact, everything depends on the type of look you want for your child.
  • Your little boy will pair his jumpers with V-neckline shirts. Dressing him up in grunge jeans also makes your little boy look and feel good. He will easily stand out in a crowd.
  • Bold prints are "in essence" for little boys.
  • Military-inspired outfits never go in style for modern little guys.
  • Take some clothes with embroidery and applications for your little girl. Stripes, statement prints and polka dots will also be popular.
  • Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with colors. Be away from regular color matching and try to pair off contrasting colors. You will be amazed at the results!

For the year 2014

Next year, vibrant colors - bright shades - will continue to dominate children's clothes. Large prints and bold graphics on tops (including sweaters) will also be common. Ornate denims (with applications, buttons, cords, etc.) will also continue to designate. Other trends include watercolor prints, Indian inspired fabrics and scribble or cartoon prints.

No matter how the trend is when choosing clothes for your children, it is important to remember that what is most important is how comfortable and safe they feel in their clothes.