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How important is the appearance of a man? Well, a man can't lie to himself - very important. A dermatologist takes a closer look at the products and processes designed to make a man enjoyable to be close; and spelling out A-B-Cs of good grooming.

Is your bathroom mirror a place you approach with regret every morning for fear of the story that will tell you? Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed: Unnamed

Well, stop worrying about it, and stop reflecting on the bald pate. If you really want to change a new look (and women don't have the monopoly on good looks!) There is nothing to stop you.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty:


In dusty cities and other polluted areas, it is a good habit to wash your hair every day. "Daily washing does not destroy hair," says dermatologist. "It is actually hygienic and makes the head less prone to infection."

Many men are away from shampoos and think they are just a woman's beauty aid. But basically shampoo for hair and hair has no sex. Shampoo produces foam better than soap and since the surface tension is less, it makes it easier to clean the hair.

Conditioners break hair disulfide bonds, making hair more manageable and easier to marry. Today, shampoos with built-in conditioners are available, making them a comfortable cosmetic aid.

No woman likes a man with dandruff problems. Milk is one of the big knockouts. But, in contrast to general thinking, "dandruff is not a disease," informs the dermatologist. "It is an accentuated physiological problem, that is, the skin is regularly scalded under normal conditions and when felling is excessive, it is called dandruff." Most so-called anti-dandruff shampoos available on the market only wash away the dead cells from the scalp. The exception is selenium sulfide, an ingredient that reduces the turnover or formation of cells and thereby retards, but does not cure the problem. The best advice you can follow is to keep your scalp clean with daily washing.

A balding head - every man's Achilles heel! Some "losers" have turned to minoxidil as hair straighteners. While regular application of minoxidil sprouts fine hair on bald areas in sclp as soon as the hair begins to cease, the hair begins to fall off again. More importantly, minoxidil affects the heart and heart problems. Therefore, it should only be used under the supervision of the hood.

Go to a hairstyle for your neighborhood salon and in most cases you will get a head massage at extra cost (sometimes you pay extra). The massaging action actually matches the blood circulation, but it is incorrectly assumed (and assured by hairdressers) to also improve hair growth. "It's a myth," says dermatologist, "for your hair's growth and life is determined by your individual genetic pattern." So, enjoy the relaxing effects of the massage, but don't expect miracles to spray over the hairline.


Now for blood and tears, otherwise known as shaving. Your grandfather probably used soap, but today it is more modern to use shaving heat. There are conventional ones that need to be relieved with a brush, and there is also spray paint that spreads foam at the touch of a button. In essence, however, "soap and water would do so well," argue physician. Like shaving cream, they simply meet the basic requirement of softening the hair for a better shave. The only advantage that a shaving cream has over soap is that it gives a thicker foam that does not drip or dry as soon as a soap does.

Use a sharp blade when shaving. A matt edge blade can cause irritation due to repeated friction on the skin. Wipe the grain and wash the razor clean after shaving - a dirty razor can cause skin infections. "Fungus on the shaving areas of a man's face can almost always be traced back to an unclean razor," says dermatologist.

Post cutting is major business. They are advertised as a lifestyle. But the most important ingredient in them is a high concentration of ethyl alcohol. The only differences between the one and the other are in the proportion of ethyl alcohol and in the additives used (cologne, lime, musk, etc.) Post cutting is recommended because the ethyl alcohol performs two functions. It is antibacterial, which means that it destroys bacteria and bacteria on the skin surface. Second, it is an astringent, which means that if you nod (rather a common occurrence when shaving), shaving will cause coagulation of serum in the cut areas. This seals the wound and makes it impervious to external infection. Finally, an aftershave and when you smell good, you feel good too.

When it comes to skin care, more and more men come in facials and related treatments today. They dry, massage and even bleach their faces in beauty salons. Steaming improves blood circulation due to heat, but more importantly it helps to soften plugs (white and black heads), making them easier to remove. Note that bleaching cannot change skin coloration as pigmentation goes much deeper. Bleach only lightens the melanin in the dead layer of skin that emits within 7-14 days when a new layer is formed.

A facial massage made by expert hands helps stimulate and tone the muscles that are not exercised in daily life. But while the massage can be good, the oils and creams as lubricants can form residues on the skin surface and block the pores. "I have had many cases when using the oils becomes comedogenic (causing black skins) and acneigen (causing acne) after facials." This is why if the skin reacts negatively to a massage, it is best avoided.

Underwear, hands and feet

The human body has two sets of sweat glands. Apocrine glands - which lie in the armpits and genitals - are the ones that emit odor. The secretion that they radiate reacts to the surface of the skin and releases what we know as body odor. It is therefore advisable to keep the area clean and dry as much as possible. Because the hair provides a retention site for sweat, the problem can be greatly reduced by shaving off forearm hair.

The second set of sweat glands is eccrine glands that overlay the skin's surface. Their main function is to control the body's temperature. As the temperature rises, sweat serves to cool the body surface. Eccrine glands do not produce odors, but if skin areas continue to be moist, fungi can enter.

Are there men who do not suffer from sweaty feet! A good hygiene habit is to wash and dry feet when the footwear is removed. In a hot and humid country, cotton socks are a better choice than nylon. Cotton absorbs the sweat and leaves the feet dry.

Again, because of the sweat, the shoes are damp. Most men only use a pair of shoes for daily wear. Often, the gap between the time a man takes off his shoes and puts them back on is not enough for the leather's leather to dry. This moisture can lead to fungal infections on the feet. You may never have thought of this before, but it may be a good idea to have at least two pairs of shoes that will be used on other days.

Keds and sneakers are popular shoes today, but the PVC / rubber soles, as well as the other material used in these shoes, usually keep warm. Therefore, the feet tend to remain moist. If you sweat too much, place cotton swabs between your toes. The cotton will absorb the sweat and, by keeping the toes apart, will reduce the friction between them.

Broken or dirty fingers and toenails are an ugly sight. Give yourself a regular manicure to keep your nails clear and clean.

Finally, see your style! Your lifestyle, that is. Uneven bags or puffy eyes can be the result of too much partying or too little sleep. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs can also be guilty.

Pamper yourself - but properly. And it will show the way you look. You will enjoy coming face to face with yourself in that mirror in the bathroom! And others will enjoy a meeting with you.