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Women have an eye on the latest fashion trends. Regardless of whether it is on television, on the internet, or on newspapers, they have the greatest tendencies to stay up to date on what's in the coming seasons. Even 2015 is still far from today, but designers already present their work on women's fashion clothing. As it will be for spring and summer, take a look at these trendy fashion themes that are quite suitable for the coming seasons.


Sports reference is one of the most popular themes when it comes to women's clothing. In fact, various clothing lines like Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Sacai and Gucci have already prepared their designs for the seasons. This applies mainly to pants and shorts, as well as to bomber jackets with bumpers underneath. The type of fabric used is mostly mesh, neoprene and nylon with bright shades of color. Color blocks are also included in this theme where a solid color is used to emphasize a piece or a certain part of the clothes. Of course, the theme would not be called as such without remixes and variety numbers. In addition, zippers were added for both style and function.

Avant Pop

This concept is one of the most inspiring references as the tip of Celine, Prada and Preen. Users use multiple colors to create unique designs and pop art on their works, making them more appealing to consumers. Apart from these, embedded techniques as well as asymmetric silhouettes add more edge, while 3D or jewellry embellishments make the theme more lively.

Tropical Kitsch

Many designers in Milan believe that women might want to wear something with a variety of designs with tropical flowers, palms and paradise references. Materials used for such dresses include satin, silk and printed chiffon. They also have halves of neck and slits that look like silhouettes with accents like pearls or 3D decorations.

formula Solution

The formula solution is also one of the themes that will be included this year and will be spearheaded by leaders such as Fendi, Helmut Lang and Yigal Azrouel. The theme is described as having a monochromatic palette and patterns such as retro and fractured geometry. Organza bearings also provide little transparency on the clothing, while 3D textures and laser cutting materials give a very unique look. Furthermore, asymmetric silhouettes and wrapped styles result in silhouette directions, while clippings are a highlighted detail.

La Vie En Rose

Last but definitely not least, the intention is to be the most feminine message of the season, La Vie en Rose. Mary Katrantzou, Matthew Williamson and Giambattista Vallimake happen when they focus on a powdery pastel color palette. They use a range of fabrics such as chiffon, organza and lace that appear on fuller silhouettes as well as on knee bends. When it comes to the design of the clothes, flowers and romantic flowers are in the seasons with a 3D look in addition to popular ruffle details.

From the time they were young, some brides have always imagined a long curved train flowing out behind them as they walk down the aisle. Far and dramatically this type of wedding veil is known as a cathedral-length bridal veil. It is a striking addition for all wedding days and is a popular and elegant choice for today's modern (but traditional) brides. Often associated with more formal weddings in a church or cathedral (think Princess Diana), make this type of veil a statement for each wedding day style.

What is a cathedral veil and what are some things to consider when trying to find the right one? Below are some important considerations that brides should remember when looking for the perfect cathedral length.

What is a cathedral veil?

A cathedral veil is the longest type of wedding hat that a bride can wear. It is usually associated with the image of a long tulle river flowing out behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. Worn attached with a comb or fascinator to the back of the bride's head, these veils extend and often extend across the bride's dress to the floor behind them as they walk down the aisle. Long and sometimes undulating, these veils make a pretty statement as part of a wedding dress ensemble.

How long is a cathedral veil?

There are different views on what is the exact length of a cathedral veil, but most agree that the standard length of this type of veil is about 120 inches. In general, it will measure about 2-3 meters from a bride's waist. Longer cathedral loops can measure about 144 inches depending on the look the bride wants to achieve on her big day. Custom veils can be created in any length, but the generally accepted length of a cathedral veil is about 120 inches. This measures from the bridal hair to the end of the veil.

Things to consider when choosing a cathedral length wedding hat:

There are some things to consider when looking for a cathedral-length bridal veil. How wide should it be? Which type of edging is suitable? How many levels? How long is it planned to be worn?

Width: A bride should consider the width of her wedding hat. As with other types of bridal loops, cathedral loops can come in some different widths. The width chosen can affect the overall appearance of the sleigh and it can affect the "maintenance" that others need to place and arrange for a bride when she walks down the aisle.

- Narrow width: A narrow width cathedral veil (usually thought to be around 54 inches) will work well for a bride who wants her veil to trace directly behind her. This type of cathedral veil is especially practical for walking downhill spaces that are limited in space. This will also work well in aisles that would have objects in larger areas that would snag or catch the veil as they pass by (like a rocky path for an outdoor wedding). Note that with a narrow width, a bride may not be able to wrap the veil around the shoulders. The veil will mainly lie behind the bride in a rectangular form of appearance.

- Default width: A common width cathedral veil (usually considered to be 72 inches) is the most popular choice for today's brides. This width allows the veil not only to run out in circular shape behind the wedding dress, but also to wrap around the bride if she wants to take pictures with her veil from the front. This is the most popular type of castle's veil for today's modern bride.

- Wide width: A wide-width cathedral veil (commonly thought to be 108 inches) has the greatest statement of all in cathedral veils. Fanning out behind a bride, this type of width allows the veil to bend out in all directions, creating a beautiful semicircle behind the bride. Note that this veil will have a lot of material that the bride and her attendant have to deal with during placement during and after the ceremony, but it can make a beautiful statement for a wedding day.

Edging: There are many types of veil edges that you can choose for a veil. When it comes to edging, a bride should first and foremost choose the look she likes. In addition to a veil, a bride should also consider the weight that an edge can give to a veil. Has no edge at all (known as a "cut edge"), allowing the veil to be as light as possible for the bride. This look is great if the bride wants the veil to "float" because it makes the veil very easy. A simple twisted edge allows the veil to have a clear appearance, but it will not add too much weight. A band edge or a satin twisted edge (sometimes called a rattail border) will give the veil some weight and may be more suitable for an outdoor wedding where some weight can help with wind type problems during the ceremony. Brides can also choose a decorative or bead that will add cost and weight to the veil but will look beautiful in any setting. A general guideline to remember is that the more edge and material chosen, the more weight the veil will have.

Tiers: Cathedral Bridal Veils can come in a single tier (a layer of material), two layers or sometimes even three or more. Most standard loops are either one level or two levels. If it is a two-level cathedral veil, the bride can use it as a blusher or just enjoy the look that this type of veil conveys. Choosing between a level or more is up to the bride's preference for her wedding day look. When it comes to a two-level cathedral veil, the bride should consider the extra weight that a two-level veil will add to her overall look. Although it will not be an overwhelming addition of weight, some hairstyles can work better than others to keep the veil in place and in place.

Run Time: Since the cathedral's length loops are designed to be long, a bride should consider how long the veil should be worn. Often this type of veil is used for the ceremony and for pictures but is taken off to the reception. The bride should have a plan on how she wants to deal with her wedding hairstyle if the veil is removed for the reception. Often, a wedding hair comb or other wedding hair accessory is purchased to give the bride a focal point for her hairstyle when the veil is removed. Some brides buy a secondary shorter veil to wear instead of the cathedral.

Cathedral wedding loops are a beautiful choice for many brides today. The long flowing look of a cathedral veil can accentuate many clothing types and wedding hairstyles and can make a dramatic statement for a bridal wedding anniversary look. Given the overall look of a veil and thoughts about how long, how wide and the general weight of a veil would a bride be able to find and buy the right cathedral length veil for her wedding.