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Outfits que te permiten llevar pijama debajo los días de frío

Outfits that allow you to wear pajamas under cold days

Not many dare to go short. This is due to the fact that short hairstyles look elegant, modern and edgy, they are tricky when it comes to styling. But then it is so much more practical for someone who works most of their time. If you are planning to chop these trials, it's the last 5 trends to try. There is one for each face shape and hair structure.

1. Pixie -

This one is a classic. Popularized around the 1960s, the pixel looks as attractive as it used to be. The hair is cut very short on the sides and back and leaves a little further on. The modern pixie cut feature makes up and layers for a more textured look. It keeps it from lying flat. Pixie looks good on woman with thick, wavy hair and square, oval and heart-shaped faces.

Celebrity inspiration: Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson

2. Bob -

Compared to pixie and pompadour, the bob is longer. It hits the jaw line with a part that goes past the chin. There are different varieties of the bob.

• Textured bob - The layers do not look dull by adding volume. A fringe or choppy side bangs adds more edge to the look. Women with thick and curly hair should avoid the bobbin as it tends to push up. Emma Stone carries the textured bob with oomph.

• Demi-bob - It gets its name from its longer length. It hits under my neck but slightly above the shoulders. Demi-Bob looks flattering a round face, as it extends it. It is the option to go for if you have wavy hair, because the layers fall well. You can seek inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrows Demi-Bob.

3. Pompadouren -

Pompadour is completely new in the design of short hairstyle ideas for women. Let's say we borrowed it from men. It is also called "faux hawk" or "quiff". Usually, the hair along the sides is shaved nicely and some of it is swept up, away from the face and worn high, in the middle of the head. This is a bold hairstyle and not everyone can wear it well.

Celebrity Inspiration: Miley Cyrus

4. Shag -

This hairstyle is causal, funny and flirtatious. There are lots of layers and hooked ends that give it its messy appearance. The nice thing about this cut is that it fits almost all face shapes. It is good for fine hair because the layers give an illusion of volume. For this hairstyle you can experiment with the hair length. To style it, use a spray that enhances these textures. Avoid gels because they make the hair pin.

Celebrity inspiration: Alexa Chung, Jennifer Anniston

5. Short crop -

The short crop is the shortest of short hairstyles for women. The hair is cut very close to the scalp, more like the men, the hair has been cut in military training. Here it is also called the poultry crop. A short crop illuminates a good bone structure. It is a frills look without any frills or bangs.

Celebrity inspiration: Rihanna

So, choose yourself. As a tip, before you go short, check out the pictures of how the hairstyle looks. You should also consult a stylist for his opinion on what looks best for you.

After a hard winter season, the weather starts to get warmer and the soil blooms with new leaves and beautiful flowers. Everything just looks great! For the spring, girls may want to try a different look, but for that it is necessary to change the makeup options. Because we all know that creams, lotions and cosmetics, which are specially designed for harsh winter seasons, cannot go with summers. So, if you want a new look in the spring, you need to update your makeup package as well.

You can update your look with some simple changes for evening weddings or any other special occasion, or even for a daily newspaper. As you know, spring is beautiful, fresh, light and girlish, so let's help you unlock the secrets of getting a healthy and glowing skin this spring. Here are some beauty tips for healthy skin in the spring and summer season

Avoid exposure to sun:

When you are out of the house, the most important tip is to remember to apply sunscreen to your body part that is exposed to sun especially during the spring season. Harmful UV rays from the sun are very effective throughout the day. More exposure to these harmful rays can cause many serious skin problems and other problems such as premature aging, appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and apply it every day before makeup.

Change skin care routine:

The spring season does not require much moisturizer as in winters. Go for some light moisturizer for your skin to keep the pores clear. Facial cleansing at least twice a day is good. Look for a milder gel formula than a cream that gently cleans your face without irritating skin. Using a hydrating cream and applying it during makeup is also a good idea. Also try to hydrate the face mask twice a week to strengthen, soothe and balance your skin.

Drink more water:

Drinking plenty of water is a safe short method for a beautiful skin. In the spring season, the skin starts to sweat, so our body needs more water during the spring season to remain hydrated. Wherever you go, remember to carry a water bottle with you to avoid the risk of dehydration. Water is the best way to restore fluids in our body and achieve a glowing skin.

Exercise in cooler area:

Doing regular exercise, walking, and jogging should take place during early mornings and evenings, as the temperature is usually low. Otherwise, you prefer exercises in a slightly colder area such as inside the home where the temperature is under control. This is because high temperature causes you to sweat a lot, which can lead to dehydration.

Exfoliate your skin:

To care for the skin, you should exfoliate it regularly with a suitable product. Here, choose a gentle facial exfoliator that gently and gently eliminates dead, boring cells and reveals a new, soft, glowing radiant skin color. In order to use exfoliation, it will gently slaughter dead skin cells without damaging or irritating the skin.

With the above mentioned few improvements to the beauty routine, you can get wonderful skin in the coming months. Online shopping is the best way to shop on a wide range of products in a short time while sitting comfortably in your home. Macys, Nordstrom and Sephora are some of the best online stores where you can find a wide range of beauty and skin care products.