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Plus de 20 tenues de style Fall Street à inspirer

More than 20 Fall Street style outfits to inspire More than 20 Fall Street style outfits to inspire

There is an exciting new trend in the wedding dress: the convertible wedding dress. This is a dress that is a traditional long coat for the wedding ceremony with an interrupted skirt that can be removed to create a shorter party dress for the reception. Read more about this stylish wedding dress design and find out if a convertible wedding dress suits you.

Are you crushed between a wonderful full-length wedding dress for your ceremony and a fun shorter style for your reception? Or maybe you love the two dresses, but can't afford to buy two special wedding dresses for your big day? Then the convertible wedding dress can be perfect for you! It's really a great way to get your cake and eat it too!

The convertible dress is the updated version of the removable train dresses that were so popular in the 1960s. 60s coats were generally column or A-line silhouettes that contained long trains flowing from either the waist or just below the shaft (otherwise known as a Watteau train). After the ceremony, instead of driving the train, it was simply cut off from the coat and left a floor length dress that was the same length all the way. The difference with the modern take this older style is that when the lower part of the skirt is removed, it leaves a dress that is shorter than the floor length, usually the length of the knee or knee.

Many of the convertible or interrupted wedding dresses are pretty full skirts. They typically have a certain detail on the skirt which allows the seam and the attachment of the removable section to be hidden. This can be done by flounces, ruffles or layers of rosettes. An interrupted skirt is usually not made with a very simple skirt design, since the seam would be impossible to hide nicely. So the first thing a bride has to consider is whether she prefers a more detailed dress or one that is very simple. If you like movement and flourish on the dress of your dress, then a convertible dress can be just your cup of tea. If a very streamlined wedding dress is more your style, you will probably not like the removable dress bridal gowns.

What makes the convertible gown so much fun is the great revelation that the bride and groom are entering the reception for the first time. The traditional bride from the ceremony will be replaced by a sassy bride who is ready to hit the dance floor! Make the most of the change by also changing accessories and possibly your hairstyle. Replace the classic pearl bridal jewelry for a pile of Swarovski crystal bracelets. Slip into a fantastic pair of jewelry with high heeled heels with crystal trim to complement your Swarovski crystal bracelets and earrings. You may even want to literally let your hair down ask your stylist to create an updo designed to be released after the ceremony.

Overall, the convertible wedding dress has a great potential. They are not yet widely available, but some designers are starting to offer them in their collections (I first learned about them when I saw a David Tutera breakaway at My Fair Wedding). If you are looking for a wedding dress that offers two looking for the price of one, the convertible dress can be exactly what you want.

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