How To Fit, Measure and Wear A Men’s Belt

Sometimes I see men trying on the belts of my company. Many put a belt at the waist and immediately pulls so hard that their pants are able to get around. They are not sure which hole they should wear the belt on. They also do not know how much extra overlap they should have when the belt is closed. They do not know the right fit or size they need. It does not matter what material the band is made of. It can be basic leather or an exotic skin, like crocodile.

The first thing you need to do is feel your waist size. Of course we all like to cheat on it, but usually and for example, if you are a 34 inch waist, you can take a 36 inch belt or a 34 inch belt depending on how the belt is measured by the manufacturer.

Some companies measure their belts from end to end. Others measure from the end to the span beginning. Still, there is a third method of measuring from the holes of the holes to the beginning of the buckle. In my experience, the latest technology for measuring a belt is the best. It not only gives you the right belt, but because you start measuring in the middle hole you get the right fit.

What do I mean by fit? When you have a belt you want it to sit in the right place on the pants and have a certain overlap of the end of the tip to reach during the next belt loop. In this way, someone extra is kept down and not clapping around. If you measure from the center hole there will be exact overlap to reach the next belt loop with a small amount of tips peering out. Typically, 2-3 inches overlap the next available loop. This mounting gives your belt and pants a perfect presentation.

The next time you are in the market to buy a belt, remember to get your waist size correctly and then choose a belt that measures the waist size from the middle hole to start the buckle. If your body changes over time, you still have the flexibility of two holes on either side of the center to adjust. Let's just hope that the adjustment does not go in the larger direction.

Don't think too much about it now - just read and see our list of the latest fashion trends and tips for Autumn Fashion this 2016.

1. Try animal pressure

Inspiration for animal print is the more liberated and wild woman. You can choose among the most popular in the list as the attention to getting leopard and zebra inscriptions; When worn, it presents your safer side and gives an impression of sophistication. The best part is that you can print on prints. You can also choose to wear a leopard costume or perhaps drop on a zebra printed coat over a dark polo dress. This is definitely a fashion trend and style inspiration that you should try this season!

2. Ruffles

Many women are not fond of wearing an outfit inspiration that involves stains. First, it takes up a lot of personal space when it is worn and it is almost synonymous with a dance suit. But fashion designers like Jill Stuart take the latest fashion trends and tip on to the next level. With the right cut and structure, the ruffled tops describe the description of being an over-top part. It can spell fun and wear in fashion and all you have to do is choose pieces that are perfect for your body shape.

3. Have fun with mini skirts

Who said mini skirts are out? This fall, such outfit inspiration is definitely a must wear! This fashion trend and style of inspiration received glorified attention back in the 90s during the time when female leading movie stars in teenage pics are seen with minis. Fashion designer such as Cross and Burch have launched a series of mini-skirt models that they paired with hoodies and color contrasting tops and pieces.

4. Pumpkin Outfit Inspiration

No, you don't have to dress like it's Halloween, but you should definitely consider wearing things that carry the pumpkin's color! In the fall fashion - Orange is the new black. Orange had enough time to shine this season as it resembles the color of autumn leaves. The most beloved orange pieces are ponchos and scarves that can light up your aura when you stretch the streets with the latest fashion training and tip.

5. Go Navy, See Savvy

This type of outfit inspiration is like a reinvention or ascent of army camouflage fashion, which has also been a hit in recent seasons. If you are one of those who prefer the formally stylish type of latest fashion trends and style inspiration, then this may be what you are looking for in the fall. It has the classic navy blue hue and military cuts and pieces that can surely keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time.