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9 Formas diferentes de usar tu chamarra de mezclilla

9 Different ways to wear your denim jacket

General description.

Taste and fashion vary from time to time, place to place, country to country and culture to culture. Fashion is one of the important factors for personality building. It is also one of man's most prominent desires because everyone wants a beautiful personality. The people adopt many ways of satisfying this will. Most people define fashion with clear clothes and flashing makeup etc. But in my opinion it is the way to improve our personality and also fulfill our wishes and wishes. In addition, it has a strong social impact.

Fascination of fashion

It is undoubtedly the age of fashion and glamor. The fascination of fashion is particularly strong in our cities. Adults as well as teenagers feel completely the social significance of fashion. Everyone wants to be smart and inspire. That crazy to look smart and up-to-date becomes stronger. In addition, most companies prefer smart individuals apart from their intelligent mind calipers.

Main factors of fashion.

The clothing industry is one of the most important factors in the development of the fashion industry. This industry has deputy electronics, print media and internet for advertising. They introduced new models and new advertising methods to create fashion design among the public. We can say that attractive ads and movies are primarily responsible for this dill. The T.V. commercials and the press have also influenced and captured the people's imagination.

Pakistan's overseas role.

Many Pakistani work abroad. They play an important role in the development of this industry. Abroad Pakistani has exposure to foreign cultures. They are well aware of fashion and its importance. They are trying to import new fashion into Pakistan and invest more money in this sector. These investors have given a new look to this industry. Shopping places and markets have run everywhere. Foreign designs and elegant clothing production are in great demand. There are full color images of fashion clothing, powder, perfume and cosmetics every week. Fabrics, shoes, furniture, fast food and videos have become fashionable today.

Flow of fashion.

It spreads like an oras fire. People in cities seem to have gone away to change fashion. Fashions move like windstorms. Glittering of ads makes everything most beneficial. We should realize its advantages and disadvantages, since everything that glitter may not be gold in some cases.

Advantages disadvantages

I use fashion the right way as it has many advantages. It shows us the decor of society. We can decorate ourselves and our houses with the latest fashion ideas. It shows us cautious consumption and spending on money. It helps us save money if we follow the right way in the right time. The main example is seasonal clothing. One of its biggest disadvantages is wasting time and money. If we didn't show flexibility, it became more harmful.


We need to be more cautious when adopting fashion otherwise it will be detrimental to our society.