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8 manières de bien porter le pantalon taille haute

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If you read the instructions on the packaging, you may think it is not safe to wash your tights in the washing machine. But, who always listens to instructions?

Manufacturers suggest that you wash hand tights in warm (but not hot) water with a mild detergent. Because they are made of such delicate material, it may be unwise to expose them to rigors of a hot machine wash complete with spin and rinse cycle. What could be worse than getting your tights out of the washing machine because they are destroyed by such harsh washing conditions? Hand washing, they say, is preferable.

But who has time today to spend hand washing? It not only takes time to rinse out all the soap that the material sucks in like a sponge, but then you have to waste the time turning and turning to get as much water as possible so that they do not drop everything. I'm sure you can do much more productive things with your time.

Laundry socks in the washing machine are much easier. Just pop them in and continue with your day. And since they have already been spun, they take much less time to dry.

However, it is still true that you must take precautions when washing them in the machine. A good tip is to put your tights in a pillowcase before putting them in the machine to prevent them from getting tangled and make sure you put them on a sensitive bike in a cold to medium temperature, never hot. You should still use a mild detergent that will not damage them, and if you can change the strength of your spin cycle, make sure it is not too strong. Since they will be on such a light spin, it may be worth repeating this step more than once to get as much water as possible.

It is obvious that it is not appropriate for machine washers that have a small ladder in them. Even if you have repaired it and it is in such a place, as the couple can be worn again, the machine washes them for problems. The pressure and force of the laundry is likely to result in the steps recurring, while if you wash the affected couple, you can keep track of the steps and not be too rough with them. It would also be better if your tights are a little higher, the thicker they are, the better they can clear the washing process. But don't worry too much about it. As long as you are careful, there is no reason why even the thinnest tights cannot survive a machine wash.

As long as you follow this advice, it can be absolutely safe to wash your tights in the washing machine. It saves time and energy that can be better spent on doing other things; things that are much more exciting than hand wash socks!

Black women look very nice with cute hair clippings. This season, I will tell you some good haircuts for black women to improve their overall personality. When it comes to cute short hairstyles for black women, there are many cuts and styles that can be tested based on women's personality and appearance.

Top 3 cute and sexy hairstyles for black women are revealed!

* Rihanna Cut: Remember the umbrella song. How beautiful Rihanna saw with that rock and it became so known that people started calling it the Rihanna clip! It is short, elegant, sexy, cute and so different than regular short haircuts. This hairstyle looks good only with straight hair, as there are many cuts and are involved in this hairstyle. So, if you want to be ultra chic, try it here.

* Pixie Cut: If you want to be funky, this right is ready. Pixie cut is known to be the cutest and most beautiful hair cut for short hair. This can be treated with different colors for a zany look. This hairstyle is the most preferred among the other cute short hairstyles for black women

* Tight Curls: Curly look is another way to get a totally funky look. You can track this look by getting permanent caps on your hair. This haircut fits both round and slender face. Natural dense curls are extremely modern and by coloring them, you can look even warmer. It is always better to choose between colors such as red, green, etc. to accentuate your hairstyle.

Now black women have a reason to be happy. Try some of the cute short hairstyles that fit your face to look different and beautiful. Find out the most appropriate hairstyle for your face by undergoing a hair makeover online. It is advisable to be familiar with your face before taking up any hairstyle.