50 Fabulous Fall Outfits to Wear Now Vol. 2Wachabuy – Wachabuy

50 Fabulous Fall Outfits to Wear Now Vol. 2Wachabuy

50 Fabulous Fall Outfits to Wear Now Vol. 2 / 19 #Fall #Outfits

Have you been shopping for weeks trying to find the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones? Hopefully you found them, because after the holidays it's acceptable to start shopping for yourself. You likely came across presents for your holiday shopping escapes, but decided not to splurge on yourself because after all, it's the season of giving. Now you can circle back and score those items at slashed prices during after Christmas sales. It's possible to buy some of the hottest winter fashion trends at refreshingly cool prices. Stores will stock spring attire in no time, but here's some key winter styles to snag when browsing the endless clearance sweaters and coat racks.

There are a few more months of cold weather so keep an eye out for jackets and blazers at a bargain prices. Women can add color to their wardrobe wearing brights, which is a big trend. Some of the easiest ways to incorporate colors like crimson, purple, cobalt blue or orange are to buy a trench, trousers, denim skinny jeans or a sweater in your favorite bold color. Pair the eye-popping color with a neutral outfit to complete the look.

There is no need to shy away from faux fur. It's one of the easiest, PETA-friendly trends to try this winter. Here's how to wear it without looking like a grizzly bear; Choose neutral brown tones or black and keep it as simple as you want. It's just because it's fake doesn't mean it needs to look cheap. Jackets with faux fur on the collar or hood. If you're a little more daring, try vest with a simple top and dark denim. If you buy a faux fur vest or bought one in the past, don't let her hibernate in your closet all winter. It's a cold weather trend and shouldn't be in spring.

Leather is a classic trend I've mentioned in the past so you have a discounted dark brown, deep red or chic black leather jacket, it's a great chance to buy a timeless piece you'll often wear. Also, leather leggings and skirts are a must have winter trend that women can wear down with a simple sweater or a stylish basic T.

For men, the military trend is marching strong in 2012. Try a bulky coat or any military green outerwear works. Every shade of gray guys is in style as well because it's such a classic color that can be worn with white, black and with casual outfits or a business suit.

The preppy trend has cycled back for all ages so if you spot a chic cardigan in bold or neutral colors, go for it. Or snatch up a trendy corduroy jacket or blazer with oval elbow patches. Elbow patches on sweaters and blazers are in style for men and women this fall and winter. Another way to join the prep club is to wear a chunky cable knit sweater. They are warm and fashionable in any shade for men and women.

Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Once the desserts are demolished, the presents are opened and gift wrap is recycled, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Then feel free to grab a hot cocoa and hit the slopes of sliding prices so you can bundle up in style until the end of winter.

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