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You HAVE TO check out these 10 AWESOME Money Saving Clothing Tips and Hacks! They're all such great ideas and I've tried a few and have AMAZING results! I'm SO HAPPY I found this! Definitely pinning for later!

Polka dots. They just seem to make everything so much fun and whimsical. Perhaps they remind us of child carnivals and balloons; Egypt, or our favorite sweets such as bubblegum balls and gobstoppers. Whatever it has over us, every generation seems to love them and summer 2013 children's fashion trends are no exception. This season, designers have fun pairing the polka dot with the bold chevron band zigzag.

Summer 2013 children's room decoration, children's fashion and accessories, and children's party decoration will see the whimsical zigzag of chevron bands combined with polka dots in everything from cribs to gift boxes. Look for the merged prints in rainbow brights and ice cream sherberts, pastels and sophisticated grays and marinas as well.

Create charm and an under-dimensioned atmosphere in your child's children's room by adding a touch of chevron and polka dots with one or two, or create a festive party with complete collections like the bright and bold "Jelly Bean" and "Zig Zag Rainbow" decor or demure, "Pink, Love, Peace" gray and pink baby bedding collection after new arrivals Every child's room interior contains cot beds, decorative pillows and curtain panels, so much or how little of the pressure you have is up to you. Cannot go wrong with chevrons and polka dots; and because there is no sign that they should go away anytime soon, have fun creating a children's room, see you love!

Do you want to add fun and whimsical to your child's wardrobe? Chevron stripes and polka dots are on everything from dresses to shoes and hair accessories; And they are not just for girls. You will find chevron strips on the boy's shirts and swimsuits for a fun Christmas! Our favorites include retro reversible dress for girls and unisex retro reversible romps for boys or girls by Right Bank Babies. Because of the fun and funky fabrics, easy care and of course the charm of a reversible garment, the reversible clothes have become a mother's favorite.

Continue your love of polka dots and chevron stripes with baby showers and birthday decorations; from party plates and favors to baby shower stamps created with your favorite color combination.

Yes, this generation has continued the love of everything, polka dot and added a new twist, ah-hem, we mean zigzag, to a classic favorite.

Every now and then, most people love to change hairstyles to adapt the new trend. Lately, the short hair has been crazy for both adults and young people. Women say that short hair is good because it not only gives style; It is also easy to handle. Hairstyles for short hair look best if combined with other colors for these colors add to the woman's femininity. Basically, there are three types of short hair; jaw length, super short and chin length. The most famous short haircut, however, is the bob cut. This applies to different facial forms. This type of haircut is best suited for women with straight hair. If you have a wavy hair and want this type of haircut, it is best that you have your hair straight first.

If you have a straight hair with nice locks, the mute bob is ideal for you. This type of haircut will make your hair quieter, especially if you add some beads. This is quite simple and easy to achieve. Do not fail to visit your salon after 6 months from your latest hairstyle. By doing this you can maintain the hair length. To ensure a beautiful appearance, it usually causes the hair to be blown dry for 20 minutes and constantly brush your hair. Always visit your salon to improve your appearance through hair treatment or hot oil.

The extremely trendiest haircut for both short and thin hair is pixie cut. This is undoubtedly the most widely used hairstyle among women as it is not only voguish, but also light and comfortable. Pixie got its name from fable mythology. How can you get this type of hairstyle? This can be achieved by trimming the hair along the ears. To add more beauty you can add either short or long bangs depending on what looks better on you. Because your face will be clearly visible on this type of haircut, it is best to avoid this if you have skin failure such as acne. Women who have a heart-shaped face can apply this type of hairstyle. To get a pixie haircut, you can only choose between the two pixie cuts; the curly or wavy and the straight and smooth look.

If you put on this type of hairstyle you will be amazed at how obviously youthful you look. What is really good about this type of hairstyle is that it makes you look elegant and sassy. To make you look more modern, you can apply hair spray to keep your hair in place. You can also add some amounts of gel to your palm and then apply them through your hair and give more focus to the tips so that it becomes slim.

The Pixie screen is too manageable, but you have to take time to design it. You can buy any hair product that applies to your pixie cut to make it look better. There are many hairstyles out there. But before you finally decide what suits you best, you need to consider many factors such as the shape of your face or the type of hair you have. Finally, if you have long hair you need to look for some complicated hairstyles. It is therefore best that you keep your hair short so that it will not be difficult for you to find a hairstyle that best suits you. There is a myriad of hairstyles for long and short hair on the internet.