How Much To Fix Oil Leak On Vauxhall Corsa

They've quoted £1400 to fix the leaks and change the clutch (in case. There's not a lot of the engine block there where it sits.

Fix Hose Leaks 2000-2006 Opel Corsa C Van 13l 4 Cyl Turbo Diesel

I recently noticed a small amount of smoke from the passenger side of the engine, pulled over, and got it towed to the local dealership.

How much to fix oil leak on vauxhall corsa. They've taken a look and found it has 4 oil leaks coming from the rocker cover gasket, rear main seal, sump oil and oil filter. It depends where its leaking from,if it was coming from out the gearbox it would be the crankshaft oil seal behind the flywheel.the box will have an inspection plate on,remove this and have a feel around to see if. / how much to fix oil leak on vauxhall corsa.

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