Why Your Website Needs a Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is not a new concept. Probably, most of the webmasters are not clear about this technology. Simply, it's a design that helps users in viewing a website using any kind of computer device like, desktop, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. Now-a-days, smart phones are taking over the Internet surfing along with the other mobile devices. People use them for browsing social media, online shopping, email conversation, chat and banking. This is the reason why businesses around the world are now trying to make their website user and device friendly.

Idea Behind the Responsive Design:

In a normal web design, the users find it difficult to view a website clearly on their mobile devices, because the purpose is to serve a desktop screen. Here, the user may leave the website soon. But, in case of a responsive one, the site runs correctly on any device and the user can get full access using the small screen. When it comes to a redesigning the website, it hardly needs some hundred to a few thousands of dollars. But, the key to success is user experience. It is clear that the future is mobile and it's a challenge for the business owners to capture the mobile visitors.

Why a Responsive Design is Essential?

The aim of a search engine like Google is to provide the most relevant information for positive user experience. The same rule also applies to a business website. If a visitor lands on a website that looks odd on his / her mobile device, he / she may leave the site immediately. More than 65% of the users buy products and services, if the site is responsive and informative.

In case of search engine optimization, the webmaster will be able to run a single campaign for the website and it is also easy to manage the website's content, design, social media and other marketing stuff.
Online marketing is all about competition. If the website is responsive, it can achieve maximum traffic and conversion than the competitors.

According to a research, more than 50% of people use social media through mobile devices. So, responsive design is the only way to reach the target population easily. It engages the customer and also drives them to the website.

It is a fact that Google is dominating the search world. According to the algorithm, responsive web pages are good for search engine, because, the same URL is used for all devices. Google also finds it easy to crawl, index and organize. Instead of using a separate URL for the same site, responsive design should be adopted.

While talking about competition, you may not be aware about the strategies followed by your competitors. They may not be using this cutting age technology. So, it is the perfect time to redesign or create a new website that grabs maximum user attention.

Source by Shakti Prakash Nayak

Garage floor epoxy comes in varying degrees of quality and performance. The first question to ask yourself is do you even know there is a difference? Do you just assume that price is the biggest factor and anything more than the cheapest is a ripoff? If so you will learn an expensive lesson or you can read on and become enlightened.

Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

This is one of the most searched terms in the garage market indicating that consumers at least know there is a difference house paint and concrete paint. I challenge anyone to show if there is such a thing as concrete paint that hasn't peeled of the floor. Even though you can buy concrete paint kits at the major home improvement stores it likely won't last long. Despite the fact that it has been a flawed product since the beginning of time consumers still buy and install it.

The main problem is that concrete is perpetually moist emitting moisture vapor that delaminates paint or what many manufacturers refer to as epoxy. Most consumers look at the nice packaging an imagine that's what they get, a beautiful floor with a nice yellow sports car. Wrong!

High Performance Garage Floor Epoxy

If you search online you will find specialty online retailers that sell high quality concrete coatings. The enemy to epoxies is moisture. The process for applying an epoxy is to etch the concrete then apply the coating. However DIY coating manufacturers recommend using a liquid acid etch solution that is mixed with water. Concrete is porous like a sponge and is full of air holes. Airholes are caused by moisture bleed the day the concrete is poured. As moisture evaporated and concrete hardens a vein is left behind. Get down on your hands and knees and look closely. You will see thousands of tiny holes.

When you apply an acid etch solution here's what happens. First, the acid particles get caught in the tiny air holes. Eventually they dry but are reactivated when your coating is applied. This breaks down the chemical cross linking weakening the coating. The result is chips and peeling no matter how high the quality.

Secondly, the water you dumped on the floor has saturated the concrete. Sure the concrete might look dry the next day but in fact is wet. It will take weeks to dry but most people don't know that. Instead they mix up their garage floor epoxy and apply. When complete it looks excellent. However you have just trapped moisture, the enemy, in your floor and it wants to get out and will. But first it has to push your coating off the floor. It might chip, peel off in pieces or sheets. It might eventually sound hollow which means it has separated from the floor. Not every DIY coating fails but a high percentage do.

Should I Hire A Professional?

The question is, what is a professional? Just because someone gets paid to do a job doesn't mean they are a professional. Without any knowledge or experience anyone can get in the coating business but that doesn't mean they can do a better job than you. Concrete coatings has varying degrees of competent professionals. Just because they use the highest quality products doesn't guarantee a quality job. Many projects take 6 months to a year before they fail and the contractor is long gone by then.

Make sure you get an extensive list of completed projects and references you can check out. A coating that is properly applied by an experienced professional will last years.

Source by Edward Winslow