The Pleasant Effects of Aromatherapy Soy Candles

Aromatherapy is gaining followers with every passing day. The reason is that it is a totally natural way to approach even the most complex diseases. Aromatherapy is easy to follow and there are no side effects. It improves the overall health by curing any internal disorders conveniently. The use of aromatherapy candles is also widespread since they make the environment pleasant by giving off the natural smell of the particular oil.

Here are some of the benefits of using aromatherapy soy candles.

No smoke

The candles used for aromatherapy do not smoke while burning. When you burn ordinary candles, you inhale the smoke. The smoke may be linked to dangerous diseases like lung cancer. But you can use these candles since they are totally safe and do not smoke.

Less Expensive

Paraffin candles are quite expensive since they are made commercially and the manufacturers add some features just to increase the price of the candles. But you can save your hard-earned money by buying the less expensive yet effective soy candles. They can be renewed periodically which proves to be more economical than using paraffin candles.

Easy to manage

The wax of ordinary paraffin candles cannot be removed easily. It is easy to clean up after aromatherapy soy candles since you only need to have warm water and any ordinary soap to be able to clean up in a short period of time. You just keep a brush at your disposal with which you can brush away the melted wax before cleaning up with the warm water and soap.

No stains and longer life

The smoke a soy candle emits is less concentrated. It does not leave any spots on a surface while burning. The reason is that its ingredients have a natural capacity to dissipate into the air quickly which does not leave any spots behind. Moreover, you can use it for a longer period of time.

Natural Fragrance

If you want a natural smell in your room, you should take advantage of soy candles. They emit such a natural fragrant smell that you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is because of the natural oils used in making the candles.

So as you see, the pleasant smell emitted by the aromatherapy candles is not harmful to inhale. On the contrary, the smell emitted by essential oils is very therapeutic and not only soothes your body but also your mind.

Source by Sanjay Soni

Do you know someone who has an allergy to soy beans? It's more common than you think. According to the Asthma and Food Allergy Foundation of America, soy allergies fall within the top nine food allergies for child and adult food allergy patients. Reactions can vary from red and itchy skin to anaphylaxis which needs immediate medical attention with epinephrine.

So, if soy beans can cause death in an untreated individual with a soy allergy, why do soy candles not carry a warning on them? The answer is simply because they do not need it. Wax, be it soy, paraffin or beeswax, is very non-reactive and even though someone may be allergic to soy in foods, it's the digested protein that triggers the allergy, not the byproducts of the combustion (mainly carbon dioxide and water). In order for the allergy to take place, the soy must be digested to enter the blood stream. If it's burned, the protein chains are broken up and are no longer the same molecules that could cause the allergy.

However, an allergy aggravated by spotted soy candles is very common, but it's caused by the added fragrance, not the soy wax. No one is able to predict or determine if they will have a reaction to a particular fragrance. The only way to find out is to burn the candle and observe the output. Fragrance materials that are known allergens are not used by the fragrance industry. But, as with foods, some individuals will experience an allergy to a difference that the majority of the population has no reaction to.

The bottom line is that no one needs to be afraid of soy wax candles aggravating their soy allergy. If you want to be safe, avoid particular fragrances if you have known allergies to them and if you buy a candle that does bother you, make a note of its fragrance and discontinue its use immediately.

Source by Peter Knepper