The Easter Lily and Other Easter Flowers

Easter flowers have always brought beauty and spirituality to the special holiday. There are a variety of elegant and vibrant flowers that enhance the meaning of Easter. These flowers are used to decorate homes, churches, and are even given as gifts. They make for great table center piece for family and friends to enjoy while eating their delicious Easter dinner. When selecting the perfect flowers for your holiday celebration, it is important to know the types of flowers that are typically used to renew this meaningful occasion.

1. Easter Lily – The Easter Lily is the most popular Easter flower. Although the traditional Easter lily is white with a bell-shaped flower, there are a number of different colors of lilies to choose from such as pink, white, yellow, and red orange. Originating in Japan, the Easter Lily symbolizes purity and renewal of Easter. Because of the shape of the Easter Lily’s petals, Christians refer to them as the trumpet of God summoning Jesus to return.

2. Hydrangeas – Another popular flower for the Easter holiday, the Hydrangea, is a short growing shrub with stunning blooms. This beautiful flower will bloom in the spring making it a great choice for the Easter holiday. The flower head of the hydrangea is big, round and consists of a number of differ color hues such as white, blue, and pink. It is a popular decorative flower for such places as a church and it is also a popular Easter gift, especially for hosts of Easter dinners.

3. Daffodils – Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are another popular Easter flower. This vibrant flower contains six petals which are yellow. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and eternal life which is relevant to the Christian meaning of Easter. Daffodils also bloom in the spring. According to Christian beliefs, the flower bloomed during Christ’s resurrection.

4. Tulips – The tulip is a popular flower that adds beautiful decor to Easter celebrations. The elegant tulip symbolizes the rebirth of spring and true love. This striking flower blooms in the spring and the flower itself has a teacup shape. Tulips are available in a broad spectrum of colors.

5. Hyacinths – The Hyacinth is available in a variety of colors that include white, blue, purple, and pink. These gorgeous flowers are often used in Easter bouquets and as a table centerpiece. The flower petals are small and it blooms in the spring.

6. Azaleas – Many people give Azaleas as an Easter gift. They are available in a variety of beautiful colors such as orange, white, red, and pink. They bloom around Easter time which makes them a popular choice for the holiday.

When you ask people what they think of when they reflect upon Easter, many will say colored eggs and colorful Easter baskets. These are widely known Easter symbols; however, beautiful colorful flowers have had a long Easter history. When planning your Easter celebrations, consider including eye-catching flowers such as the traditional Easter Lily. It will make your holiday much more meaningful and memorable.

Source by Adriana A Noton

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