The Birth of Houston Midtown Apartments!

I moved to in 2006 when it still wasn’t super popular and new apartment complexes were still being built. Back in the 1980’s Houston Midtown was a ward (can’t remember if it was 2nd or 3rd Ward)and probably the only part of Houston with negative property growth.

It wasn’t until late 90’s that a developer named Post Properties bought out large land and relocated former owners into subsidized housing. They built a 529 unit property called Post Midtown square. I can’t remember the first year they opened.

Following Post Midtown Apartments in Houston came the Midtown Arbor Place built in 1998 formerly known Broadstone Midtown Apartments. From there came the Amli Midtown now known as Metro Midtown Apartments.

So really these 3 apartments in Late 90’s started what is now come to be the Hottest Place for Singles and 30 Somethings! Following these apartments came a new bar called Front Porch which is walking distance (outside) from Post Midtown Square. Ferragos world cuisine restaurant, Cyclone Anayas (is that spelled right) Mexican Restaurant, and Retail Center Buffalo Wild Wings, Club Deco, Darque Tan, Star Bucks and Randalls Groceries soon followed.

Houston Midtown in general is spreading its boundaries South towards Houston Museum District and Texas Medical Center. An apartment called Ventana At Midtown is famous for being bright yellow over 5-6 stories tall( I think its 8 stories) and boasting walking distance to Light Rail. Its also very luxurious, looks kind of like a High Rise when you enter the Leasing Office. Soon after Banks and Pharmacies sprung up, several clubs and lounges came up. Lounges like Bond, The Roof, FIX, Deco, PubFiction, Swivel, and so many more (which ones am I forgetting?)

You are going to see heavy traffic and have difficulty finding a parking space outside these apartments, especially Post Midtown Square and the credit goes to the numerous cafe’s, sushi bars and retail outlets. Nevertheless, there is ample parking in apartment garages and street parking. And, if you are lucky enough to have a friend in Midtown Apartments you can get the access code and park in the visitor’s parking!

Camden Midtown Apartments, 2222 Smith, and Sabine St Lofts soon followed and the Midtown Explosion began with rents rising over $1000 and 2 bedrooms costing over $1500. College Graduates and young professionals seem to be attracted to Midtown. The attraction I think is mainly the new modern amenities, new complexes, and ridiculously large courtyards and pools that have made each of these Midtown Apartments so popular for “Summer pool Parties”.

Source by Khuzaima Raja

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