Open Assistive Technology – Key Turner by ivan_gee – Thingiverse

Open Assistive Technology – Key Turner by ivan_gee – Thingiverse

Imagine spending all your energy planning your carnival and delegating tasks to get every activity flowing smoothly only to deal with empty booths and unsold merchandise. That's a horrible scenario that you will not have to deal with if you follow these next tips ...

How to Create Publicity for Your School Carnival - Three Tips

1. Promotional materials

You've seen how the big businesses create beautiful flyers that extremely end up in someone's trash bin? Here's a good way to make sure yours do not turn into someone else's trash: turn your flyer into an invitation that will contain a random number for a door prize drawing or a coupon for a free lemonade. The best part of this strategy is you can create the materials yourself as long as you have a printer at home that's loaded with colored ink. Get a few carnival graphics from royalty free photo sources for 1 dollar each and use them on your promo materials.

You can strike up a partnership with your local ice cream stand, and they can give away your promo brochures to parents and kids who buy from them. In exchange you can promote them or mention their business in one of the shows in the carnival. How about having a coupon for this business on your flyer in addition to your promo coupon as mentioned above? Remember, a little cross promotion goes a long way; especially if you can get a popular family hotspot to promote you a few weeks before your carnival.

2. Get interviewed by your local press or join a radio show

Media hype will send you tons of prospects. If you have a local paper, you can approach the editor and arrange to be interviewed. Plan ahead and prepare an advertising budget for this. Investigate the cost and potential return on investment so you can get the other members of your parent teacher organization to agree.

3. Social Networking Online

With everyone and their moms joining Facebook and Twitter, you simply can not ignore these places. Create a group on Facebook and invite your friends to join or be a fan. You can also create a separate account for your carnival and post photos of your previous events to encourage families to attend. Choose the photos that show families and kids enjoying the rides, the games and the other attractions in your carnival.

These techniques will create anticipation in your prospective visitors. With any luck, once you get the ball rolling with these tips, you can stop spending on promotion and simply rely on word of mouth to create excitement. A final reminder: with any marketing tool or tactic, you must never forget to put in the date and place of your carnival so your incomes will not go to waste.

Source by Angela Costas