Oak Furniture – Style, Durability and Value For Money

People buy oak furniture for many reasons. Some buy for the sheer style that oak brings to any furniture item. Others love the durability of the wood and how with a little care and attention any oak furniture item will last for decades.

Then there are those who look on buying furniture as an investment that gives great value in the long term. Lastly, of course, there are those smart people who buy for all these reasons. Let's consider them each in turn.

First, let's look at the style factor.

What wood can match oak for sheer style? No other material radiates that 'aged' quality that oak has and brings such warmth to any room it graces. It's a versatile beauty, too. With its deep lustre, seductive grain and natural brown finish, oak furniture can compliment any style of home from a futuristic downtown apartment to a Victorian country cottage.

Whatever type of home you live in, you're sure to find the perfect pieces of oak furniture to fit in. Consider the Vancouver furniture range. Crafted from solid European oak This range offers everything a complete range of stylish furniture including lamp tables, wardrobes, chests, desks and bookcases all in a rustic finish featuring tapered legs and heavy gauge rustic brass plate handles. The wood is finished in a blend of wax and oil. This gives the items a measure of shine without sacrificing the rustic charm.

The great thing about the Vancouver furniture range is that not only is it extremely stylish, it's also made from reclaimed oak. This means you're getting quality oak wood reclaimed from such sources as wood flooring from old houses. Vancouver furniture offers the finest range of bedroom furniture, home office furniture, and living room furniture.

Durability is another major reason people but oak furniture. Oak is a very hard wood and is resistant to temperature, knocks, spills and stains.

For durability, let's consider the dining table. This is one item of furniture that gets repeated heavy use for year after year. If you've ever bought a dining table made from pinewood or some similar material, you probably know if gives up the ghost after a few years or even worse collapses on you. For that special special occasion of the family breakfast, you really need something that will give you faithful service for a lifetime and beyond. If you invest in a oak breakfast table, you'll be getting a stylish piece of furniture that will provide decades of use for your family morning gatherings.

In fact, durability is not restricted to items made of solid oak. Furniture featuring oak veneer also offers both style and the strength to give a lifetime of happy use. Consider the Atlantis breakfast table as an example. This features a polished reflective granite top set into laminated wood frames with panels of oak veneer. These dining tables look great in any setting and blend in with any decor. A choice of optional leather or slatted back chairs gives you all the options you need. They come packed up ready for easy assembly.

Finally, let's consider the important topic of the value of furniture. One factor that puts some people off buying oak furniture is the cost. It's no secret that oak commands a premium price. But remember, when you buy oak furniture, you're making an investment.

So is there such a thing as cheap oak furniture? It depends on how you view 'cheap'. When you buy oak you're getting decades of quality use; if you but an ordinary table, you'll have to replace it every few years and it may give up on you at any time. If you look at things from this perspective, then yes, there is such a thing as cheap oak furniture.

For all you oak furniture needs from the Vancouver furniture range to classic dining tables, check out the great deals available online. You can browse the web sites of vendors and peruse their extensive illustrated catalogs. Most reputable online merchants offer swift free delivery to destinations in the UK mainland for the ultimate in convenience and value.

Source by Michiel Van Kets

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Source by Lori Finney