JEE Main – The Golden Gate For a Bright Career

Being an engineer is a fascination for many in our country. The first hurdle to cross to achieve that is writing the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). JEE is an all India common entrance examination which is the gateway to many engineering colleges all across India including the top ranked, Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). Replacing two different exams All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) and Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) in 2012, JEE is also held in two parts, JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Mains is held for entrance to IITs (Indian Institutes of Information Technology), NITs (National Institutes of Technology), CFTIs (Central Funded Technical Institute) and Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Shibpur for their dual degree certificate. JEE-Advanced is for admission in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), and Indian School of Mines Dhanbad which will soon be an IIT itself. Some other colleges like Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT) and Indian Institute of Science also take admissions on the basis of the score students get in JEE Main.

Only the top 1,50,000 students who appear for JEE Main are allowed to sit for JEE Advanced because IITs only accept top students. But not being eligible for JEE Advanced is not the end of the road because by getting good scores in JEE Main you can still get into top colleges like IIITs, NITs among other highly ranked institutes. Even the students who become eligible for sitting JEE Advanced but fail to clear it are eligible for admission in these colleges. The exam is held in two forms, Paper-1 for engineering and the other, Paper-2, for architecture/ planning courses. Paper-1 has a computer based online exam as well as a pen and paper exam with objective type multiple choice questions. Every question is worth 4 marks and every wrong question makes you lose one mark as negative marking. It is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with each subject carrying equal number of marks. Paper-2 is divided into Mathematic, Drawing and Aptitude.

JEE Main is not an easy exam because it tests the versatility of your knowledge and skill and thus you need months of preparation and learn the cracks for a successful attempt at the exam. Biggest virtue while preparation is managing your time. Understand which subjects you are good at and make them your strong points while giving enough time to the weaker subjects as well. Time management is also important when you are writing the exam because there is a limited time and if you spend too much time on a tough question you might miss out on the easier ones. Giving a lot of mock tests is the best way to prepare as it tells you about strengths and weaknesses. JEE Main is the golden gate for a bright future career, prepare well.

Source by Dinesh Rohilla

Buying a gift for a teen can sometimes be a little intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. While there are a lot of high tech gifts for teens, there are also some more traditional type gifts that are very popular and well liked by teens. Make sure that you think about what your teen enjoys, likes, and spends their time doing when choosing a gift. The more closely you match your purchase to what the teen has a natural interest in the more your gift will be appreciated now and in the future.


Games have come back into style for entertainment for teens. A very popular board game is Da Vinci's Challenge, and this has won an award from Mensa. This game has players create increasingly more challenging shapes to solve the puzzles and win the game. If your teen likes to be challenged and enjoys thinking outside the box this may just be the right gift.


Always popular electronic devices, toys and gadgets are a great option. This year the Roboraptor is a very popular gift. While not just a remote control device, this futuristic looking dinosaur has infrared sensors, touch and sonic sensors to allow it to move about with ease. For teens who like to have the latest in cool toys the Radica 20 Question handheld game allows players to try to outsmart the artificial intelligence of the game with an old-fashioned game of 20 questions.


The key to purchasing music players is to realize that you will get what you pay for. Avoid buying the low end or discount models, as they generally will not stand up over time. The middle of the line models or even high end of the price range will usually last longer and will have better service and warranty plans. IPods, MP3 players and cell phones with music capacity are the current popular items. They are very sleek and slim, and even the smallest MP3 player can usually hold up to one hundred songs and can be very easily downloaded to.


While braided jewelry is still popular, beading is becoming the next trend. Beads are available from all over the world, and teens can make their own hair accessories, jewelry, necklaces and other items. The beads allow a unique sense of style and creativity to be developed, as well as keeping young people right in style.

Regardless of the gift you choose for your teen the key is to make it match their personality. By spending a bit of time to consider their likes and dislikes you are more likely to match your gift with the teen, and make sure that the gift is a hit both now and in the future.

Source by Cory Willins