Garage Door Safety Tips

The garage is a busy place in most homes. It is very often used as the main entrance to the house in order to limit the wear and tear on the formal entrance. The garage also serves as the storage facility for bicycles, sporting goods, tools, and lawn equipment. So, every member of the family heads through there on a pretty regular basis.

Automatic garage door openers are fantastic tools for accessing this amazing space in your home. But, they can be dangerous for small children and pets. Here are a few safety tips to keep everyone using your garage safe and sound.

Keep Kids Away

Never let small children operate the garage door – ever. The automatic opener is not a toy and should not be treated like one. The typical garage door is very heavy and closes with considerable force. Combined with a mechanical opener, it can cause serious injuries.

Auto-Reverse Magic Eye

An auto-reverse magic eye is a device designed to detect if there is any obstruction in the path of a closing garage door. If something is detected, the opener will automatically stop, reverse, and return the door to a full open position.

If you are purchasing a new automatic garage door opener, this safety device should be standard. If your current automatic door opener does not have this safety feature, replace it immediately.

Monthly Maintenance

Even if you have a automatic door opener equipped with safety features, it is important to test them regularly to ensure that everything is working properly. The sensors can become damaged over time. You also want to look for any worn parts and irregularities in the function of the door.

If the opener on the door of your garage needs service, contact a qualified technician.

Professional Installation

It is tempting to install a new door opener or door yourself, but the process can be a bit overwhelming for the casual do-it-yourselfer. Hire a professional to ensure that your door is in good working condition, properly counter-weighted, and that all of the components in the automatic door opener are installed and secured according to the manufacturer specifications.

Some warranties require professional installation. Check before doing any work that might void a warranty.


With proper installation and care, your garage door will provide you with years of reliable (and safe) service.

Source by Mario Villa

As people grow older, they get slower as a part of the aging process. However, mental activity is still necessary to enhance and replenish the brain of the elderly adult. Easy homemade crafts can help keep a senior citizen's mind sharp and agile.

Start with simple, homemade cards. Visit your local craft store and find easy to use decorations for scrap booking. Large stickers and buttons will not strain older hands. A lot of old people have arthritis. I recommend using large embellishments. If it is not painful, then the senior citizen will find making crafts fun and enjoyable. To get her motivated, suggest that she make cards for her grandschildren. This will encourage her to make handmade crafts.

As time progresses, the elderly woman will want to do more complex projects. I've noticed a lot of elderly women love vintage crafts. This is where one can expand the horizons. There are many scrapbook stacks designed in a nostalgic way containing old newspaper articles and ads. I've also seen stacks with ephemera such as old movie tickets and receipts. This will help the elderly mind with exercises in memory recall. As they look at the vintage stack, they will start to remission about the good old days. The senior may even start to tell stories about her past. This will keep her connected to the rest of the world and creates interest in her as a senior citizen. I respect older people because they can tell me about things that happened before my time.

Creative craft ideas can also be a springboard for the senior to connect with other seniors. Have a craft club where the elderly can meet up every week to share new craft ideas. This will help the elderly woman to connect with people in her age group. The beauty of friendship will flourish in this setting. They can share stories about their lives and support one another through the aging process. Invite older men to the craft swaps and have masculine themed scrapbook paper and embellishments available. Perhaps hold a Valentine Day Card Swap. This is excellent for single elderly women. Perhaps someone will make a craft and love connection with an elderly gentleman.

Many facets of society have given up on senior citizen women. Older women still have a lot to offer the world. Many times, they are alone on the old shelf of time. However, this need not be the case. The older woman can still create, be social, and even give and receive love. Let us not write her off because she shows signs of the aging process. Find some easy craft ideas and show her how to make crafts. She will come alive with imagination and creativity.

Source by Chan C.