Fairy Birthday Party – Creative and Inexpensive Ideas

Your school aged birthday girl wants a themed party. Where do you begin? Of course with choosing the theme. One of the most imaginative themes is a fairy birthday party. Instead of choosing the current popular program and movie character themes like all the other parents for their child’s birthday parties, give your birthday girl something no one else will have.

Who is the most famous fairy of all? Tinker bell. Not a popular movie or show on television today, but a Disney classic that will live on for years to come. This is where you can start your decoration search. Online stores will have most everything you need in terms of balloons, plates, napkins and streamers. Hot pink and lime green should be the theme colors. Invitations can be found at just about any party store and easily online. If you want to create your own, there are also printable designs or simply add tinker bell stickers to a basic hot pink and lime green invitation card.

If all of your birthday guests are girls, each guest should get a set of wings when they arrive. This turns your entire party into a magical fairy world for your birthday girl. She could be dressed as tinker bell and given a birthday wand to separate her from the other fairies. Other popular prizes for the guests include magic fairy dust in the form of bubbles, door hangers in the tinker bell theme, a fairy diary book and edible lip gloss.

If boys will be attending this party then they are granted the role of the lost boys and pirates. Give some of them patches and hooks and others plastic swords and pointed hats just as the characters from the movie. These can be found at your local dollar store.

Most bakeries have edible prints that can be added to the basic cake. Order magical burning candles to add to the fairy like atmosphere. A tinker bell banner would provide a grand entrance to the party. Order a custom one or print one out from the samples available online. Let the guests sign it and tuck it away for your keepsake box.

These are just a few of some very creative ways to put a fairy spin on a magical party for your birthday tinker bell at home.

Source by Lisa Hanson

If you want to provide your kids a good learning experience with enjoyment at their early age, then arts and crafts are one of the best tasks to keep them engaged or entertained. Kids art and craft activities will help them to be creative or enhance their different natural abilities that could have a life changing impact on their career in the future.

There are thousands of untold art and craft ideas available for the kids of different ages, but you must choose ideas that are enjoyable as well as educational. Take some time from your busy schedule and participate in your kids craft projects to encourage their creative abilities. Here I am going to share some kids art and craft ideas that would be helpful for you to keep your kids busy.

1. Paper Snowflakes: To perform this fun activity you only need white paper or scissor. Take the paper and fold it in half, again fold it in half until it formed as a triangle. Now cut a series of small shapes of the paper, then unfold these pieces of paper carefully and you will have a beautiful snowflake. To be more creative, kids can add glue or glitter on them.

2. Christmas wreaths: You will be amazed that many craft ideas are inspired by nature so you can involve your kids to make natural wreaths. Collect leaves make a wreath, use gold and silver paint to decorate it. You can also make nut wreath. This is good change of commercial Christmas wreath; kids love this kind of craft projects that are made from their favorite eatables. This Nut wreath would also be a wonderful gift for any nut lover.

3. Homemade Piggy Bank: Cover an old shoe box with construction paper of your kids favorite color. Make a small cut to put money in. Draw frog face around the cut. Take an egg carton and cut two cups, paint them and add googly eyes, then add them in the box with glue to make frog's eyes. Cut the paper and makes the legs of a frog and attach these legs to the box.

4. Recycled Cards: This is a simple and Eco friendly Kids art and craft project. Simply cut message part of your used cards and allow your kids to glue them to make a new card. These kind of projects are good for preschoolers that they can enjoy and learn the importance of recycling.

5. Pasta Jewelry: Take pasta in different shapes, 1 poster paint, paintbrush, yarn thread and needle. First of all decide what piece of jewelry do you want to make. Paint pasta shapes and let them dry, after the pasta is dry string it with needle and yarn, then tie the ends. Your pasta jewelry piece is ready now.

These are some of the simplest and cost-effective kids art and craft ideas that kids can perform very easily with fun. You can also use your own creative craft ideas according to your kid's interest. Don't forget to choose non toxic craft supplies for the health and safety of your toddlers.

Source by A. Steve