Essentials in Dining Room Design

If you plan to have a new dining room designed for your home, it's wise to have a basic understanding of the design options available to you.

1. Size Small dining rooms feel overcrowded if dressed with heavy furniture, dark walls and heavy drapes. In contrast, large rooms feel empty if the dining table is too small, there are a few furnishings and the walls are light-colored. Ideas to enhance smaller rooms include adding an additional window or wall cutout to add new dimensions to the space. Windows that open into the kitchen are particularly useful. For larger rooms, tall plants, rich drapes or extra pieces of furniture, eg a wine rack, can be tasteful additions.

2. Formality Opting for either a casual or formal dining space will affect your design choices. For formal spaces, a heavy wooden table with special finish and a fine china cabinet could be chosen. In comparison, for casual spaces, you may decide on a round glass table and a colorful rug to compliment your room. The frequency with which you intend to use your dining area should help steer your design choices, too. You may choose more opulent furnishings for a formal area used only on special occasions as wear and tear is not a concern. For your casual room, you might need fabrics and accessories that are suited for frequent use.

3. Accessibility If you plan to entertain often in your dining room, it should be accessible to a bathroom and other gathering areas such as a living room or home theater. Naturally you will want it to be very close to the kitchen. Whether you opt for a formal or informal arrangement, you will also need to plan a dining setting that is roomy enough for people to move around in without having someone else vacate their seat.

4. Furniture When planning the ideal dining room, having plenty of space available at the table is a must. It may spoil your well-executed decor if folding chairs have to be added to a crammed table. Anticipate how many people may need to be located at your table and if this varies very much, considering purchasing an expandable table. Other than a table and chairs, a dining room has very little furniture needs. This means that additional pieces can be a matter of personal taste. Just be sure your choices do not make the room uncomfortably crowded.

5. Lighting Guests will need enough lighting to eat their food without trouble, but lighting that is too harsh could cause glare to bounce off white dishes. Crystal chandeliers are great choices for formal rooms while generic lamps may suit your casual room best. One good tip to note: avoid western-facing windows if you like to host dinners – the setting sun might disturb your guests' eyes.

Now you can be prepared to discuss the above mentioned features with your Seattle interior design firm to help you create a beautiful and functional dining space.

Source by Amely Wurmbrand

When we talk about Amish furniture, some of us think old fashioned, traditional, even perhaps bulky. Not so! Amish furniture, though still using old fashioned tool and techniques to build the highest quality furniture, has kept pace with the times and offers more contemporary options than most people would imagine. So if you want a sleek and streamlined, contemporary look for your dining room and are wondering what kind of contemporary dining room chair or table to get, consider going with Amish designs; you may well be surprised!

The Amish offer many options among contemporary chairs; particularly dining chairs. You don't have to go for the big old traditional looking arm chairs which look like (and probably were) designed a hundred years ago. Consider the Bradbury dining room chairs, which come only in the side chair styles. They don't have arm rests, have a streamlined, no frills, space saving design, with uncluttered, clean lines that please the eye.

The Escalon chair is another example of the contemporary chair handcrafted by the talented Amish craftsmen. This is much like the modern ladder back chair. It has horizontal slats and bowed legs and comes is two options: as a side chair without arm rests or as a head of the table chair, with arm rests. For the complete contemporary look, these dining room chairs can be paired with a dining table of the Caledonia style or the Brady style to achieve the modern yet timeless look that you may be aiming for.

Another contemporary dining chair option from the Amish could be the Cascade chair, which is built with a unique curve to the chair back. This is a design style that is great not only for its elegant good looks, but also offers excellent seating support to the back and is great also in terms of actual seating comfort.

The foregoing are just some of the examples of the wide array of contemporary chair designs that the Amish offer, there are many more to choose from. And that is not all; there are many other options for your dining room that you can mix and match to go with the dining chair and table you pick:

Dining room benches are an option that few people consider, though it is both a unique as well as practical option for a dining room or area. These are beautiful space savers that can add just that quirky, individualistic touch to your dining room to make it stand out! Many dining room benches also come with box storage below it, making them even more useful and practical!

Amish barstools are another option that can be considered. The barrel swivel bar stool or the Belmont bar stool are popular options that can serve not only as bar stools for the living room or the dining room, but also be useful to put up against breakfast counter in the kitchen.

So if you are aiming for the contemporary or the modern look, you should take a good long look at Amish furniture; you may need look no further!

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