Do It Yourself Homemade Tattoo Removal at Home

When you are looking for do-it-yourself homemade tattoo removal methods to apply at home, you may have noticed some of the ideas and tips shared online are effective… and some are simply a waste of your time.

Because among many of the articles and guides you may find online about how to remove a tattoo at home using free simple methods, some of these ideas or cream recipes only bring you a temporary effect. Not to mention the health effects some of these homemade recipes may have on your skin later on.

So how can you find out which solutions help you fade out your tattoo easily and as fast as possible? Here are a few low cost do it yourself tips to help you get started…

1. Tattoo Bleaching Creams

If you drop by your nearby drugstore or pharmacy and ask for a tattoo removing cream, you will notice several popular brand available there. Some of them claim to bring you noticeable results in as fast as a few weeks.

But is it really true? Do tattoo fading cream recipes really work? And is it really safe to use these chemical material on your skin for several weeks?

First of all, it is always useful to read the manual included with the cream carefully to be aware of any side effects or allergy alerts. The next step would be trying it on your skin for a few days and watching how it reacts.

At the end, the effect of these tattoo bleaching creams really depends on your skin type, how small or large your tattoo is, and your age.

So if you are really looking for a easier and low cost method comparing to laser tattoo removal, you can try a popular bleaching cream to see how well it works in your case.

2. Homemade Tattoo Removal Recipes

If you are not a big fan of using chemical creams or skin products to remove your tattoo, you have a second option here: making your own safe tattoo removing recipe at home.

Here are some simple ideas that have been proven to be effective on most people:

  • Lime juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Sea salt
  • Hydrogen peroxide

By mixing these items together, or simply rubbing them on your tattoo area separately every day, it will help bleach your tattoo gradually and fade it out eventually.

This homemade method it especially helpful if you are looking for a do-it-yourself solution to help you fade out and bleach your tattoo easily at home. Also these ingredients are safe and proven to be allergy free.

Source by Michell Jones

The Lotus Blossom is a powerful technique for brainstorming and organizing your ideas. The principle is very elegant. You start with an idea and expand it into various topics by placing them surrounding the original idea. This organization will give you a balanced view of your ideas and their relationships. Each of the sub-topics can be expanded further by considering it as a new topic, and the process continues.

The best way to use the Lotus Blossom is by placing all your ideas inside a three-by-three matrix, with the core idea residing in the middle box. You can then expand the idea into various themes and placing them in the surrounding boxes. For each core idea, six to eight sub-topics would be optimal. Each sub-topic can be expanded to another eight ideas. If you complete this exercise, you will have at least 64 ways to improve your original idea.

Suppose, for example, you need to find ways to reduce costs for your company. You would write "reduce costs" in the center box. Furthermore, write down any special requirements you need to consider when making your decision. Next, find eight most significant areas in your organization where you can decrease costs. For example, you have selected the following areas: "energy," "travel expenses," "personnel," "technology," "consumable," "suppliers," "facilities," and "operational costs."

For each area, try to come up with eight ways to reduce costs. For example, in the "energy" box, you list down the idea of ​​replacing old and energy inefficient electronic appliances. By expanding this idea outward, you identified several devices that can be replaced. Similarly, in the "technology" box, you write down using a multipurpose device. In this case, you can combine a fax machine, printer, scanner, and copier into one all-in-one printer.

Ideas from different themes can be combined into a single execution plan. For example, you have identified a number of devices in the "energy" box that can be replaced with one multipurpose device in the "technology" box. Another example is combining the idea of ​​reducing paper consumption in the "consumable" theme with implementing an electronic filing system under the "technology" theme. By organizing your ideas in this manner, you have a global view of all your solutions and can easily combine multiple of them to form an effective execution plan.

The Lotus Blossom is a simple yet powerful brainstorming technique. It allows you to focus on an idea at a time, yet it also provides the flexibility to expand your thoughts. An important aspect of this technique is that it provides a global view of your problem, and the relationships and connections between its components. This allows you to combine several solutions together into one action plan. Give it a try, I hope you will find this technique useful.

Source by Ooi Sain