Cute and Easy Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for a Girl

You are throwing a baby shower and you need shower decoration ideas right now. These cute shower decorations for a girl will bring peace and harmony to any baby shower.

The top pick for the best decorations for a girl is by far a very cute and unique twist – the clothes line. It serves as two functions – both a gift and a decoration. It’s such a cute and original decorating idea, and there’s no doubt your guests (and mother-to-be) will be in “ohhs and ahhhs” from the minute they walk in the door.

One decoration that often gets overlooked at a shower is a table skirt. Table skirts provides a clean and elegant look. It’s such a simple decoration, but it really adds that special touch. You can transform any “normal looking” food table from looking just “blah” to bringing a touch of sophistication to any baby shower.

Lantern Garlands

Lantern garlands can be a nice added touch for showers. The decoration provides a quick “dress up” for any venue. Just make sure you don’t hang it too low – you don’t want your guests hitting their head or becoming annoyed because they have to constantly avoid it.

Hanging Garlands and Other Ceiling Decorations

Like hanging lanterns, other hanging decorations are a great way to decorate for a shower. Of course, you can never go wrong with the typical “Baby Shower” paper garland, but there are a lot of other ways to decorate for the event.

Tip: You can hang garlands around the food and gift tables. No one says you have to hang them on the ceiling! (I would make sure you have a table skirt if you’re going to do that though. Otherwise, it will just look out of place.)

Table Confetti

Of course, it just wouldn’t be a complete baby shower if the decorations didn’t consist of table confetti. Table confetti gives the shower (or any celebration for that matter) a feeling of celebration! It’s not necessary, but it certainly adds a special touch. Just make sure if you’re going to have confetti, you have table clothes laid out. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive, just something to cover the table. It adds that much more to the decor. (I prefer plastic table coverings – it’s an easier clean up.)

Tip: Buy candles for table center pieces and sprinkle some confetti around the base of the candle.

Balloons are also a great way to decorate with. They also serve a dual purpose – if children attend the shower, they can leave with a balloon. It makes an easier clean up for you, and keeps your guests happy! Plates, napkins, utensils… these are pertinent items that can also be considered as decorations.

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Finding the right birthday present for your husband or boyfriend means you want a gift that will knock his socks off. If your hubby or BF happens to love movies, you're actually in luck. Gifts for movie buffs aren't hard to track down. More than likely your man actually has a favorite director or movie series they love, or maybe they collect memorabilia. Either way, you have some pretty nice clues from which to work.

If you're thinking birthday excursion or outing, you can keep it pretty simple, geek out a little, be romantic, or blow his mind. Here are five birthday outing ideas sure to make the movie-loving man in your life happy:

1. Treat Him to a Movie - Yes, this is ridiculously simple. Yes, this doesn't seem that noteworthy. Ultimately, your reason for treating your special guy to a movie means he just has to be ready to enjoy a movie. Buy him any size popcorn he wants and have him wash it down with a big soft drink. Maybe he's a fan of a particular size screen or theater that provides drinks and a legitimate meal with the movie. You'd be surprised how much this would mean to him.

2. Optimize His Movies On-The-Go - In this day and age, everyone tends to have a smartphone, and if your boyfriend or husband loves movies, he's watching movies on that small screen. Why not make his phone become a mobile movie theater by getting him his own smart phone movie projector? There are numerous models available and costs vary from about $30.00 and up.

3. Have a Backyard Picnic Movie Screening - You can create a mobile movie theater for your backyard. The technology for home movie projectors and sound systems is incredibly affordable than before. An HDMI cable will allow you to connect your laptop or DVD/Blu-Ray player. But what about the screen? There are numerous tutorials for DIY movie screens, and there is even an inflatable movie screen! Sure, it's an outing to the backyard, but there aren't too many places you can have a picnic and movie with your sweetie all alone.

4. Plan A Movie Tour - If your man knows movies, he definitely knows where movies were filmed nearby. Why not make him feel as though you've listened to everything he's had to say about film locations in the area? Get in the car and have him geek out by visiting the actual locations. Better yet, why not tour places where classic movie scenery and sets still remain? Better still, hop on a plane to Hollywood and take part in a classic movie tour.

5. Rent Out An Entire Theater - Here's where you go big! Call your local movie house and ask about venue rentals. You can find out minimum numbers of guests, times available, and you can even ask about the amenities available to your party. What better way to tell your big guy you love him than by getting together his closest movie buff friends & have them watch a movie in a theater all to themselves?

Movies buffs are nothing if not committed to the magic of cinema. With the right planning & attention to detail, you are sure to bring a little of this magic your significant other's special day.

Source by Morris Raymond