Creazioni fantastiche con i sassi! 20 idee da cui trarre ispirazione…

Creazioni fantastiche con i sassi! 20 idee da cui trarre ispirazione…

Enhancing the entrance of your home is not as expensive or as confusing as you may think. You may want to add light into a dark foyer, or add to your home's curb appeal. Whatever the reason you may be thinking about enhancing the entrance of your home, there are a few things that can help make your decision easier.

The first step in enhancing the entrance of your home is to choose an exterior door. There are a number of exterior doors on the market right now. The two most common doors are made of steel or fibreglass. Wooden doors are being used less and less often due to their poor inability to trap heat compared to Steel and Fiberglass doors. Steel doors are strong and sturdy and have a high security measure. They can be painted in almost any colour. They will require some maintenance, like sealants and paints to resist moisture. Fiberglass doors are lighter in weight and they come in two finishes, grainy or smooth, they can also be stained to look like real wood. Fiberglass doors do not warp or crack and weather the elements well. Steel doors are cheaper than fibreglass doors and are the best investment if you want fire protection, insulation and style.

Once you have decided on the type of exterior door you want or if your exterior door does not need to be replaced, there are other options as well that will enhance the entrance of your house. Glass inserts or sidelites and doorlites are an inexpensive beautiful way to add elegance and curb appeal to the front of your home. Sidelites are the windows beside your door. Doorlites are the windows that are inserted into your exterior door. These glass inserts come in array of colours and glass textures. Each insert comes with the design glass between two pieces of glass. Each sidelite or doorlite is custom fit to the size of your openings. If your openings are standard sizes then you are in luck! This cuts down considerably on your costs. If the glass has to be customised then your costs will increase. Choosing the glass insert you want depends on your design tastes and privacy needs. Each glass insert comes with its own privacy rating depending on the texture of glass. For instance, clear glass has a privacy rating of "1"; frosted glass has a higher privacy rating of "8-10". Bevelled glass also has a different privacy rating. Your contractor will be able to explain the privacy rating of the glass insert you choose. Once you decide on the design of your glass, you then have to decide on the caming. This is the metal that holds the glass together and is intertwined in the design. Years ago they used lead, now the more common types of caming are zinc, patina and brass. Wrought iron inserts are a beautiful addition to the front of your home and are being used more frequently by home owners. There are numerous wrought iron designs to choose from. Usually wrought iron inserts come with frosted glass on the back and clear glass on the front, which still provides you with a high privacy rating. Wrought iron is also a good choice if security is a priority.

There are also options for home owners with old door frames or for those who want to change the entire look of the front of their house. For instance, a double door entry system could be changed into one door with sidelites on either side or vice versa. The possibilities are endless. Changing your entire entry system is not as expensive as it sounds. A complete entry system includes one frame, the exterior door, the sidelite, the door jamb and the sills. The entry system comes assembled, ready to install. The contractor will install it in one piece. Complete entry systems come in any size and can be completely customised to fit any size opening. Once you have made your selection of exterior door and sidelite, your contractor will do the rest.

It is extremely important to get the right measurements and to have your door, sidelite and entry system installed by a professional. Improper measurements could result in your door, sidelite or entry system not fitting. Poorly installed doors, sidelites and entry systems could result in leaks, drafts or damage.

Source by Dudley Peyton