Choosing Aspen Bedroom Furniture Made in America

When choosing Aspen bedroom furniture you have a wide choice, and keep in mind that Aspen furniture is made in America. You are not just being patriotic in helping the American economy to strengthen, but American furniture is among the best in the world. Here is a brief review of Aspen furniture with specific reference to the firm's bedroom collections.

Not all furniture sold in the USA by American companies is made in America – a fair amount is made in China these days, but Aspen makes its furniture in Arizona. The Aspen Cambridge collection offers a selection of beautiful bedroom furniture in brown cherry, black and eggshell white finishes.

The Aspen Cambridge Collection

This range is influenced both by a traditional 18th English design and the clean lines of Shaker furniture, the result being a lovely elegance that looks good in any home and is typical of modern American furniture. The beds include the JustRight Mattress Height system where the bed slats can be adjusted in height to accommodate different mattress thicknesses.

Two full extension end drawers are included for extra storage space, running on stainless steel ball bearing glides for a very smooth operation. These beds are available in twin, queen and king sizes. The nightstand with a drawer and two shelves meets the needs of the average mattress height which is about 29-30 inches from the floor. If you prefer, there is a three-drawer nightstand without the open shelves.

The Cambridge range of Aspen bedroom furniture also offers a 64 inch wide 7-drawer double dresser with a matching mirror and an entertainment chest with three drawers and two open shelves for receiver boxes or recorders. Your flat screen TV sets on top, providing you with a clear view of the TV even when lying flat on your bed. All made in America, and so built to a high standard of workmanship.

You can also choose a 52 inch high 6-drawer chest in the same three finishes. Alternately, if you are short on space after fitting in your king bed, nightstands and sometimes an armoire, you might not have the room for both a dresser and a chest. In that case, Aspen Home Furniture offers you the option of a chesser: only made in America, this chesser combines the advantages of a chest of drawers and a dresser with a mirror to match.

The Aspen Bayfield Range

American furniture does not get much better than this, but the Aspen bedroom furniture range goes even further. If the Cambridge collection does not suit you, then the Bayfield range might – this is a collection of American furniture crafted from solid spruce, and finished in a dark mahogany.

The beds in the Bayfield collection are available in queen, king and California king sizes, so are good for most of the American population. You have the option of regular or storage footboards. The latter offer a pair of drawers, the dimensions for the king bed drawers being 31W x 24D x 7H inches. The dimensions of the queen bed drawers are the same but 6 inches less in width.

One of the main design features of the Bayfield collection that distinguishes it from the Cambridge is that the Bayfield beds offer the sleigh bed design in their headboards. You can easily convert your bed from a regular style to a sleigh bed design by changing the headboard.

The Bayfield collection also includes a 9-drawer chesser with felt-lined top drawers for your jewelry. The 44 inch entertainment chest does more than just act as a bedroom TV stand. It has four drawers, the top drawer of which flips down to hold components for your TV, such as a satellite box while the next down is another flip-down that offers electrical outputs and HDMI connections for a laptop.

You can there use it, not just for bedtime TV viewing, but also to watch live online streamed or downloaded files via a laptop to TV link, or to access the internet for personal or business use. This is a very useful piece of bedroom furniture that you will not miss unless you have had it already!

Made in America

These are just two of the bedroom furniture collections offered by Aspen Home Furniture. Just like the company's living room and dining room furniture, every piece is made in America. Buying American furniture does not necessarily mean that you are purchasing the very best quality, because the USA is the same as any other country – it offers the bad and the good!

However, Aspen Home Furniture appears to offer some of the best elements of genuine American furniture in terms of both design and craftsmanship. You can not ask for much more than that, and if you are looking for furniture made in America, then Aspen bedroom furniture is among the best American furniture available on the market today.

Source by Peter Nisbet

Gear up for the coming summer to escape the sweat session between the four walls and soak up Vitamin D. Summer does not know the difference between urban and rural areas. But relatively, urban areas bear the brunt of the summer. So, I wish to share the following ideas that can make your summer more refreshing.

Step 1: If your balcony is packed with unwanted things, then it's time to change. Measure the available area and plan accordingly. From your own analysis, draw a conclusion about what exactly fills the space beautifully.

Step 2: Personalize your space. Fill the space with things you love the most and wish to spend the time with. It also mirrors your personality.

Step 3: Go green. It is advised to associate yourself with the greenery. So, cover your space with plants that help your lifestyle. If there is enough space, then add value to space by growing vegetables and fruits. It not only saves pocket expenditure but also enriches the space with high levels of oxygen.

Step 4: Patronize the patterned style. Interiors always set a range to flex your creativity. But when it comes to patios or balconies, the sky is the only limit. Choose colorful & contrasting patterns that absorb the sunlight.

Step 5: Configure the furniture. If you are an avid reader, then arrange a small book shelve which can withstand hot conditions. If you just want to enjoy the breeze, then go with a normal seating arrangement. Make sure that the arrangement does not dilute the very purpose. Choose a furniture piece which can be folded and transported easily. It not only saves space but also reduces the weather adversity. Rigid and standard furniture pieces have to cope with bad environmental effects.

Step 6: Do not relax as there is something more to do. Instead of leaving the furniture bare, spread attractive cloth covers over them. If you are planning to use upholstered furniture, then choose leather upholstery as it is a water-repellent material. The color of the upholstery is one of the determining factors of your balcony.

Above all, it is up to you to decide which best suits to your d├ęcor. I have been enjoying in my suspended balcony. It is filled with climbers and vertical plant hangers. I love sipping coffee in the balcony, so I placed a beautiful Glass Coffee Table which also has a storage facility. Let's live the life to its fullest and experience the things which are closer to you.

Source by John Smith