A Classic Home Holds Color Secrets Inside

To encourage family dinners, the homeowners removed a kitchen desk and awkward peninsula to create a cozy breakfast nook. See more photos from this Midwest home: www.midwestliving…

This year, if you are planning to host the Halloween party in your neighborhood, then be prepared to turn your house into a haunted house. To make the party a memorable one, that would be spoken about long after the party is over and set new standards in the neighborhood, try to turn the house in to the spookiest possible. You have to arrange for many props for Haunted House decorations. To start with, make arrangements for lightings to create special effects. Get plenty of neon lights to create the eerie atmosphere. Use dim lights and low watt bulbs that would flicker constantly. Propane torches should be mounted on the walls of the house as well as in the porch and garden to welcome visitors with the spook factor. Arrange for lights that would create the lightening effect. Back it up with appropriate music and dramatic sound effects such as howling wolves and the sound of crickets and wind.

You can also turn the entrance of the house into the form of an old cave and use Haunted House decorations to give the structure of your house the look of a dilapidated building, but make sure to plant adequate signs to keep guests from getting lost!

The best props to be used for Haunted House decorations are skulls and the fake smoke. You can have floors of the house covered in mud and hay and dry leaves to create the aura of a jungle. Then get the corners strewn with skulls and bones. Get fake skeletons mounted at strategic places so that as soon as the guests move in; the skeletons should spring up at them and leave the guests screaming. You can also plant replicas of dead bodies hanging from the ceiling, add to it screaming sounds from the background and you will have the guests shrieking in delightful horror. Next convert the dining place, where you plan to serve dinner, into the dining place as in the old manor house where the fabled vampires dine. Use a fake blood splattered table-cloth to cover the dining table and position several candle stands on it. Nearby place a coffin. To play a prank on the visitors, you can lie inside the coffin and as soon as someone approaches, spring upon them. Thus, with appropriate Haunted House decorations, you can create a memorable night for everyone to remember and discus with awe.

Source by Kelly Lane