75th Birthday Party Games

By their 75th birthday many have reached most of the major life hallmarks but a list of 75th Birthday Party Games should point out that adventures are still to come for those who think young.

Often the 75-year-old is still very active and involved in community and personal development projects. For this reason a 75th birthday party for this crowd can still be relatively active. Music can be a lively solute to the Western Swing music or the early days of Rock-and-Roll. Skate boards are probably banned but Bingo, Mahjong or favorite card games could meet with fierce competition in this age group.

Invitations may be specific to both the 75th birthday and the game to be featured. For Instance a custom made printer friendly card could read,”” You are cordially invited to a 75th Birthday Party Poker Night”” and so on. Paper plates for the 75th birthday party could be matched with coordinating Poker or Bingo Party tablecloths to indicate the hybrid theme.

A card/birthday party is best supplied with the traditional finger sandwiches of ham, bologna, chicken or egg salad. Since it is also a birthday the cake and ice cream or lactose free frozen yogurt alternative are also expected. A diabetic fruit salad might also be a good idea with this age group on the guest list.

If the guest list is to be mixed with family and friends there is the possibility that young children will need to be entertained at the 75th birthday party. While the older adults are playing serious games of a more involved nature very young children may enjoy there own card games. Many examples exist but all time favorite children’s card games of Gold Fish or Old Maid will take little effort to supervise. Also, make kid friendly adjustments to the menu as well.

Source by Gail Leino

Life in the city has become so hectic these days that it's impossible to just stop and take a breath. Being a hard working professional, one often does not get the time to pursue one's hobby as passionately as he or she would like. Some hobbies may not take too much of your time. However, for someone who loves to spend hours waiting to their garden - watering the plants, disinfecting them, supplying best quality nourishment to the soil - a hobby like gardening is quite time consuming.

Lovers of gardening, neverheless, still manage to find time from their busy schedule to spend some quality time with their plants. It's easy to envy those with an easy access to the flat roof or the backyard of the house they live in. But, if you live in a society building, where the roof and the back backyard is way out of your reach, it looks like a distant dream to have a garden to your name.

Fortunately, every multistory building comes with balconies that receive proper sunlight. Whether you already have a few potted plants in your balcony or plan to start a new one, it's important that you figure how to go about it. Getting a balcony garden is easy but maintaining it is difficult. Since you live in a multistory apartment, you should be aware of the society rules and regulations regarding any kind of permanent additions you may or may not make to your balcony. Once you get a green signal, follow these steps to turn your cute balcony into gorgeous garden:

Space Measurement: Unless you know how much space you have to start up a balcony garden, you can not move ahead with the idea. You have to measure the area physically in order to arrange for the materials and plants. Other than that, the availability of water and sunlight, the effects of weather, which balcony portion should be glorified, knowing it all is also important. Depending on the availability of space, you should also have a seating arrangement.

What are your intentions with your garden? Many have garden with a sole purpose of beautifying the area without much hassle. Do you have similar plans or would you like to put it to some important use as well? Many also grow a variety of vegetables and herbs in their balcony. If you intend to do that, find out, according to the size of your balcony, which veggies and herbs would be the best choice for you.

Focus on your garden: Forget the rest. If you wish to beautify your garden, you obviously can not litter it with other unnecessary items. The more space you make for your garden the better it will flourish. Therefore, if a storage box occupations a corner of your balcony, find a new place for it.

Plants: When it's about plants, it's best not to jumble it up alike. Keep similar plant together so that there is unity even in diversity. It will make the garden area look bigger. Using plant hangers and wracks will serve a dual purpose; one, it will allow better use of the space and two, it will give your balcony garden an elegant look.

No matter how big or small the size of the balcony, it's always good to live with a variety of plants around. It's a bane these days, to have a plant nursery just a click away. Buying plants online not only saves you a good deal of money, but most importantly, it saves you some precious time as well.

Source by Rega Lo