31+ Dorm Room Inspiration Decor Ideas

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The entrance door of your home says a lot about the personality behind it. For instance, a large black door with no window panel could be edgy and unapproachable. Homes are where people must feel welcome and it all starts with the first feature they see.

The first thing you must look at when deciding on what door to install is the size of your house. If you have a single story house then it would not be the best idea to get double doors unless you have a very high ceiling. If the door is too high, it will make your house seem matchbox like. This also applies for doors that have sidelights and a transom. If the entrance area of ​​your house is a protruding section with a gable, then double doors and doors with sidelights will work.

Arched double doors have been around for many years and are beautiful as any style. Double doors can be designed in a classic style. This works well for homes that have more of a stone textured or tiled house. Classic styled double doors also look great as a normal rectangular shape and decorated glass panels.

Try and match the theme of the door with the theme of the house. This way the style of the house is persistent and does not have a random break. If the bricks of your house have not been plastered, a single door with a decorated transom will suit the theme. Arched doors have bricks arched around them but give a decorative appeal.

Modern houses are made up of the geometric and glass concept. Most modern homes are flat roofed with large windows. To continue the theme, glass doors will work for the entrance. It combines the geometric blends with the large concept idea. Glass gives the illusion of space.

Perhaps you are not comfortable having an entrance door made completely out of glass (excluding the frame). You could simply have a single door in gray, black or white with a small glass panel or a double door in the same range of colors.

Single solid doors with a bold color go well with protruding entrance sections and decorative gables. By having a decorative gable, you will not need a double door because it gives the wall and door the appearance of an entrance.

There are many different kinds of doors you can have installed that make the entrance to your house welcoming. It all depends on the theme you intend to incorporate and the varying range of colors.

Source by Naeema Jada