Wanderlust Scarf Pattern

This free crochet scarf pattern for men and boys is quick and easy to make, and comes with an added option for a cowl or infinity scarf. Even women will appreciate the pretty, unique texture created by a variety of double crochet, single crochet, and hdc stitches.

Crochet bikini pattern is one of the most stylish and sexy bikini patterns. If you like crocheted articles, then next summer you will have to try a ticked bikini. Crocheted bikinis are not primarily meant to be worn in water, but to lie on the beaches and to have a sunbath, they are unchanging. Here are the "in" patterns of crochet bikini.

Classic bikini

These are traditional one color; two-piece bikinis that make you notice on the beach. Very smooth yarn is used to make these bikinis so that they provide maximum comfort on summer days.

Capri bikini

The upper part of the bikini is ticked in Capri style, the lower part is as usual. Contrast color applications on these bikinis enhance their beauty even more.

Bikini cover-up