PDF Max the Dog Crochet Pattern – Crocheted Doggie, Puppy DIY tutorial

PDF Max der Hund häkeln Muster – gehäkelt Hund Welpe DIY tutorial

Crochet is a style of knitting that is used to add beauty to your fabrics. You can design different designs and shapes on your clothes with little effort. A baby case or a bed cover looks refreshing and colorful if crocheted flowers are knit on it.

You can design a variety of floral patterns using crochet. Here we will discuss some of them.


Sunflower is a light colored flower with a number of long petals. You can cut this sunflower on your bedding, shawl or tablecloth.


Depending on the color of sunflowers that are yellow and green with a point black from the middle, follow the following pattern,