Our Patterns :: Sewing Pattern 3443 – Godet Skirt Summer – #chiffon godet skirt …

Our Patterns :: Sewing Pattern 3443 – Godet Skirt Summer – #chiffon godet skirt #crochet godet skirt #godet dance skirt #godet skirt dress #godet skirt


Crochet is an art to make fabric with yarn and in this it resembles knitting. Crochet is a process that results in sophisticated patterns and gives the fabric the shape of various objects that can be used for many purposes. Knitting and crochet differ because the chin uses a single hook to work with while a pair of long needles are required to make fabric while knitting. The second difference between the two methods is how stitches are processed. Crochet blouse is one of the items that have been in fashion and its importance is not hidden from anyone. Soft fabric, in the form of a top, has been able to give people a comfortable thing to wear, and something unique among all types of tops.

Different types of blouses

Crochet blouse can be made with different designs and they are designed differently to distinguish between the blouses. Specific patterns are followed to come up with a crocheted blouse with a design that is different from others. This type of blouse is normally worn over other tops and it makes it even nicer. Hooka parts of shirts are also made so that the shirt does not crochet completely but has hedges or sleeves on it. Cardigan and Cartwheel hair hook are one of the known bibs.


Right blouses can be worn over shirts and are one of the very trendy items today. They are light but their material makes them warm and it has a protective role to play against the weather as well.