Kelley’s Ponchito Crochet pattern by Julie Blagojevich | Strickanleitungen | LoveKnitting

Kelley's Ponchito is a light and lacy short poncho crocheted from side to side as a single rectangle and then seamed to create the poncho shape. The neck opening is crocheted last. Kelley's Ponchito offers a change from the usual wrap and shawl shapes. However, the design can be crocheted and worn as a rectangular wrap, as well.Dimensions: The completed and blocked piece is 31 in. (78 cm) around the top of the neck and 25 in. (63 cm) from the top to the poncho point.The following stitches wer…

Babies look delightful in almost everything. You can find a variety of baby clothes on the market, children's shops etc. But if you decide to crochet yourself, no dress can suit the one you have done for your baby. So grab your hook hook, choose from the crocheted baby clothes patterns that we have gathered for you and crochet an invaluable little masterpiece for your little one.

Whether you have a little boy or a girl, you can easily make the perfect pattern for the baby and hook it with yarn and color of your choice.

First of all, you need to remember which dress you want to do. Different designs give different looks to the dresses.

If you want a nice and cozy baby costume, it is best to wear a close pattern like braided or cross pattern. These designs result in costumes that are really warm and cozy. You will also need no other or very small extra clothes along with these suits.

On the other hand, if you want a lighter, girl dress, you should go for a less dense pattern like lacy or floral pattern. These types of designs look best at parties, baby showers and weddings.

If you are looking for a pattern to create a sweater or cardigan that your child can wear over other clothes, you can choose between different designs such as brimmed edges etc.