Jeans “Lyon”, Tapered Fit, Stretch, Waschung, Label-Patch

Jeans “Lyon”, Tapered Fit, Stretch, Waschung, Label-Patch

Crochet doilies are good decorative pieces that enhance the beauty of the home decor model. Elevated doil patterns can be made with single or multiple colors and simple or complicated stitches. Common forms are round, oval or as petals. Among hundreds of crooked doil patterns are some common.

Snowflake doily

Although similar to the winter season, these doilies can be used throughout the year. Understandably, the used corset thread is only white white. These doilies are usually 5 inches in diameter and are suitable to place anywhere in the room. With beginners to intermediate hedge skills, you can easily make beautiful snowflakes.

Doily covers

These doilies add to the beauty of any kitchen or dining room. They can be made either round or oval and they require at least chin skills. You can finish it in a day or two.

16 spoke doily