Free Pattern Friday: Crochet Scarf Pattern from Yarnspirations

Free, easy crochet scarf pattern for beginners.

Crocheted flowers look good as decorative pieces. Different colors of yarn and different hook patterns can be combined to get these eye-catching objects. Here are descriptions of some free hook flower designs.

Flat-haired flower application

Although crotch flowers are hard to lie flat, some do it more than others. This special pattern is narrower than others and produces three-dimensional effects. The center of the flower is slightly pooped up with the ends lying on the ground. This pattern is particularly suitable as an appliqué to sew another piece.

Treble crotchet petals pattern

This pattern is similar to the above but each petal has a smaller seam. So the flowers look thinner and longer than the above patterns. Treble rotor is used in this pattern. This is the most admired among free hook flower designs.