Felicity Scarf Pattern. Scarf of the Month Club 2018 August

Felicity Scarf Pattern. Scarf of the Month Club August 2018. oombawkadesigncro… Happy August Crocheters! This post includes my Felicity Scarf Pattern. It also has the links to the other 2 free crochet patterns for this month’s #scarfofthemonthclub2018 CAL. Scroll to the end of this post for my …

Crochet is one of the methods used today to make fabric. This process helps us to turn yarn into fabric and the fabric must be given the shape of a useful product while it is in production. Chopping and knitting are similar activities but both have small differences that count. The main difference is in the tools used in both methods. Crochet uses a hook while knitting uses two long needles to make fabric. Crochet is used for many things today and one of these things is bibs for babies. Everyone wants the baby to be comfortable and when it comes to infants, there is nothing more comfortable than yarn. The material is natural and in softness compares nothing else.

Different hedgehog hats for infants

There are many different types of hooks for infants that can be manufactured with different hedge patterns. One of the most used baby hats in the chin is the ear-neck hat that not only covers the head but also protects the ears of the baby and mostly has a string to tie so that the hat does not come out. Another known pattern is that one can follow is the basic baby bean that is often used by many parents to protect the children from cold weather conditions.


Headed hats are mostly used to give the children protection from the weather because the child is not too strong to face it on their own. Yarn hats make them comfortable and soft to wear and so they are widely used.