Crochet Shoes with Rubber Bottoms — Free “Toms” Style Pattern!

These crochet slip-on shoes come together easily with cotton yarn and a pair of flip flops. Wear them to cruise the boardwalk or when frolicking on the beach! via @makeanddocrew

Fillet crockery is a technique that uses chain stitches and double hairs to create filled blocks and open meshes. Fillet hook patterns can be combined with different image designs and motifs. Here are some of the very beautiful fillet hook patterns.

Checkered diamond pattern

This pattern is very versatile. You can either do this by repeating the checkered diamond pattern of any size, large or small, or you can make the fillet a square by repeating the pattern as many times as needed.

Cardiovascular pattern

This filet hair hook is made using alternative heart patterns. The hearts are crocheted in such a way that an upward-hearted heart is followed by another neck heart. This design is especially suitable for trimming pillows, sheets etc.

Dragonfly pattern