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Crochet pocketed scarf / granny square scarf with by Nastiin

Elevated necklaces are one thing in essence and can be cast in many shapes, sizes. What's better, you can add color to your crochet necklace, to make it colorful and versatile. Wearing an outfit with a necklace will be much easier, as finding yarns that match your outfit will not be a difficult task. For most people who are experts in crochet art, it is another way to either learn a new technology or to meet the needs of current customers. You can get some tips on how to get started with crocheted necklaces.

Chain Link Hooket Necklace

For this crocheted necklace, you can use a cross stitch and at least 15 chains at first. You can then use the slip stitches to form a ring with your desired size. You will then assemble the top and bottom of the ring. To make the second chain, sew it through the first chain and continue the rest of the chain until it is finished.

Ladder Band Hacked Necklace

With the help of a combination of different strap band yarns, you can make a dazzling crochet necklace of all shapes and sizes to match almost any outfit you have, it's casual, party or evening wear. The ribbon yarns come with glitter of different colors and colorful panels that can be hooked together to form radiant patterns. This is a good chopping project that you can start learning and impress with your friends and loved ones.