Crochet Easy Beautiful Baby Shoes

Crochet Easy Beautiful Baby Shoes


An afghan is a knit or knit blanket. This type of felt is often found on the back of an armchair or on the bedside to give you a cozy feel. These are very much like a gift item as they are also used as decorative items on the back of the chair. They add grace to your bed room when used as bedding. The following are some Afghan felt patterns.


This type of felt is also used as a trolley plate and looks good if placed on the front of the piano. It is made with a mixture of two shades, one darker and one lighter shade. An open border with dark shade is overlapped by the strip of white knitting with cross stitch.


This pattern is cast with 44 stitches. The size and weight of this bedspread can be changed by changing the thickness of the yarn used. This design shows the shape of a shell that is made by joining these shells and placing a narrow point in the middle of the first row of another shell, which makes the Afghan blanket an attractive one.