Crochet Blanket / Throw Pattern – Anthropology Blanket – Easy Pattern by Deborah O’Leary Patterns

The Anthropology Blanket was designed to use black and white together as neutral colors along with some fur for texture. The results came out lovely. The blanket was then converted to a baby size using soft greys. This would also be a good pattern for using some of the beautiful

If you are one of those who love to add a homely feel to their homes, you probably love knitting and hooking. Knitted dresses, mittens, etc. are very common. Now you can also make household utensils - hook a dish cloth pattern and you will also be able to add a homely touch to your own kitchen.

When it comes to hooking a dishcloth pattern, it is very easy to do one. Dishcloths require the simplest patterns and stitches. You can use patterns that you like for example: you can use the square pattern, cross-pattern or a bulky lace pattern of your choice - everything would do. Just keep in mind that the pattern you choose is durable and will not be easily ragged. If you decide to use a lacy pattern, make sure you make each seam thicker and harder than usual. You can do this by using multiple strings at the same time instead of just one.

You can also choose between different shapes. If you are tired of the traditional square cloth, you can knit it in a different shape and size. You can make a flower-shaped dish cloth, a lacy round dish cloth etc.

While choosing the material and the color of the yarn for the dishcloth, remember a number of things. First select the right material that will not break or tear out when using acrylic wool, etc. Then, the color you choose for the wool to hook in the paired fabric pattern should also be dark so that it does not get dirty easily.