Cosy and Feminine Cowls

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Many people like to have different types of hats and that is why there is a demand for different hats on the market. Each hat is made of another material and not all hats fit the needs of a person. Hats are an important part of daily wear for some people and some people cannot be seen without hats. One type of hats are the simple hook hats and these are unique hats made of yarn. Crochet is a simple process of making fabric out of yarn and in nature, it is similar to knitting. Knitting, however, uses two needles for sewing and crochet uses only a single hook. Crochet has only one active seam at a time while knitting has many.


Hats are important for various reasons. Some people just wear a hat for weather protection. Others, however, consider it a style statement and so you will rarely see them without hats. Lightweight hook hats are unique in style and come in many designs. They are not used by everyone but it is still not difficult to find people who carry it. Women usually wear it more because of the colors they are available in and the material on the hats.

Different types

Many different types of light hook hats can be found. The most common type is a hat that is worn in general. Other types include ear caps that also help protect the ear.